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phone fell into the sea


All those people saying you need to dry it thoroughly... Yes but only after you've rinsed the salt water out. There will be practically irreversible corrosion after less than an hour with sea water inside it. If you can't get the phone apart immediately, immerse it in fresh water. Distilled water won't make much difference because it won't be distilled for long (i.e. it will have traces of seawater in it). Take off whatever covers, battery and cards you can, and get the phone immediately submersed in fresh water and try to shake it about a bit. Running it under a tap is better than nothing. Isopropyl alcohol might be better, but I have no experience of this and people don't tend to take it to the beach. As soon as you can, the phone needs to be stripped down to its component parts and rinsed more thoroughly. If you can already see rust on the metal contacts etc, it's probably borked. Only when it is properly rinsed inside out should you dry it (rice, >24hrs). This has worked for me.


3 years ago

if it was dropped in salt water than don't just dry out the phone

1.turn it off

2.unscrew the cover

3.take out the battery and put it in a bag of rice(airtight) for a day for so

4.if you know how to take it apart and have the correct tools (all screws sizes are also different in a apple phone) than take out the screen.

5.buy some isopropyl alcohol and fill a container enough to submerge the phone or its components.

6.place the phone in the container filled with alcohol, this should get rid of the corrosion if you leave it there for a while.

7.take it out, it should evaporate fast but put it on the airtight bag of rice for 1or2 days.

8.put it together, and get a new battery

NOTE: the screen will probably get some water in between the layers so replace it if possible.

FYI, alcohol will not get ride of the corrosion. It can stop it from getting worse because it displaces the salt water, but it won't get rid of it.

What if I fell into a swimming pool with salt water and immediately disassemble the phone what to do on that was a day ago

1. disassemble the phone 2.take out the battery 3.pat the phone dry using a clean towel 4.put the phone in uncooked rice for a few hours(to absorb the rest of the water) 5.get a different battery (you shouldnt use the same one) 6.try it out hopefully this helps


8 years ago

That sucks.
first of all, DONT TURN IT ON. if u did, then ur screwed, it will fry the circuitry. Second, take the battery and sd card out. next, put the sd card and battery and the shell beside a sunny window and wait 2-3 weeks while the phone dries out. after that, you should be good to go.

I have turn it on :O
what can i do??

take out battery.
open & dry.
clean corrosion


7 years ago

Do not turn it on put it in a boll of rice for 3days and see if it still works!

1. Remove battery, ASAP.
2. Submerge in distilled water. Distilled water is non-conductive. This removes the salt traces between the circuits.
3. Shake out as much water as possible
    a. You can repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times.
    b. You could use a vacuum cleaner to draw air through the case by applying the suction to the various openings (charger, earpiece, memory card, etc) for about a minute each.
4. Cover in desiccant until all visible traces are gone. This may take days...
    a. If you have silica gel, (available as a flower drying agent in most craft stores), place the phone in a folded towel to keep the desiccant out of the phone.
    b. Uncooked rice is OK, it just takes longer and doesn't need the towel.
5. Remove the water indicators on the battery and the inside of the battery case. Without the water indicator they won't be able to say conclusively it got wet.
6. Put battery in the phone and recharge it.
7. After it is charged, turn it on and see if it works. Most of the time it will, unless the battery was left in too long initially.

First of all dry it all out, get all of the visible water out. then blow it with a blow dryer or a heat gun. this will evaporate all of the water that is inside of the phone that you cant see. Finally put it in a bag full of rice. 

If this does not work and you are thinking of just getting a new phone try this.
Take the phone apart. you shouldn't have to take it apart it too much. Then spray the phone's circuit board with distiled water. This will dissolve the salt in the water and then remove it. do this for a few seconds and then dry it off. I would do this about 3 times and then put your phone back together and try try it again.

I hope that i could be of help and good luck! 

you may have to clean the phone (or buy a new one) since when salt water dries it leaves behind the salt which will screw you phone up so it may be dificult to clean. but the putting it in the rice helps to get the water out (or those silicon packets found in some foods) and if you cant get your phone opened then you need to buy a new one (unless there is a different method for removing the salt i dont know bout)

First of all- dude that really sucks!
now that thats out of the way, what u need to do is take the sd card and battery out. set each on the ground, and smash it w/ a hammer. then, run over them in a car. repeat w/ phone. youre screwed. then set it- seriously, buy a new phone- on fire. BUY A NEW PHONE!!! but you could send it to the company i bet. (before you smash it) go ahead, flag me, hate me, whatever. just thought you were in hot- or salt- water...

put the phone into cover and apply wax on to it so that it may float

Well first off you should have checked your pockets but you didnt so i would suggest that you buy another phone.


8 years ago

umm... Well..... my mom had a cell phone that got dropped in water and she then, after that, accidentally dropped it into the clothes washer and it worked again..... don't even ask..

I have had this happen twice. There is absolutely no way that I was able to save the phones. The second time was for only seconds and once water gets into the wires, its dead. Sorry!

0.don't turn on for a while 1.take it apart 2.take out battery 3.attempt to try... Epic fail, sorry 3.stick it in "clean" kitty litter 4.wait a while Attempt to turn on if it works GREAT if not its back to the "clean" kitty litter.

3.attempt to dry... Epic fail, sorry it didn't work (but its funny and it also helps reduce time in kitty litter!)

try putting it in rice over night or get a notherphone and replace the guts as simple as that

alright well hopefully you did not turn it on or had it on when it went for a swim 1.take it apart 2.take out battery 3.take a paper towel and dunk some of it in some distilled water 4.with the paper towel just rub it softly against the curcuit board all around it 5.(im unsure with this step) heat it with a lamp to dry it and blow on it(maybe use an air compresser) 6.let it sit for a while 7.then put the battery back in and test it out Good luck! P.S. you dont have to take my advise im unsure....

Do not use water as it is conductive. Do not use acetone as it is corrosive.

If you turned it on, it's ruined. Sink it in Alcohol (without battery of course). Use Isopropyl alcohol for vest results. (You can find it at computer and electronic repair stores).

oh. well, i read it about two weeks ago, so i was going by memory. my grandpa gets them, not me.

according to popular mechanics magazine- first take out the battery. then yes i know this sounds crazy dunk it in water. this is to wash out the salt granules that would scratch the inside. blow out any extra water then put the phone in uncooked rice for a while and it should still work if it wasnt too damaged.

I believe that the Popular Mechanics article specified distilled water. I would assume that this is to ensure that no minerals or chemicals in the water end up in your phone when the water dries.

Hope you get your phone working!

if you turned it on, it's ruined. use alcohol or acetone to 'wash' any dried salt water off. some plastics change characteristic when exposed to alcohol or acetone so be careful, you may want to try it out on a little part then go large-scale. i'm pretty sure you'd be fine to completely submerge it in alcohol or acetone if the battery is removed and then let it dry until you're 100% positive it's dry. clean the battery by wiping it off with a moist paper towel of acetone or alcohol. do not submerge it. or simply salvage the parts from it.

the one problem is the water indicator. most cell phones have a white strip of material that changes color when wet. if the water indicator strip is discolored, the warranty on your cellphone is voided. sorry, and good luck fixing it.

As re-design says, DO NOT TURN IT ON. If at any point from initial immersion to finish of process the phone is turned on, goodbye phone! WD40 and alcohol are good viable solutions, the only one I would personally guarantee 100% is contact cleaner. Get a bottle of contact cleaner from a local chemical supply house, fill up a beaker with contact cleaner, soak the phone (complete immersion) for a few hours, take it out and either leave it on a radiator for 4-6 hours or put it inside 4-6 socks and run it in the dryer for 20 minutes. guaranteed phone back to 100% again. This is also great for blackberries as it cleans and restores the trackballs. Cheers and goodluck.

also, the beauty of contact cleaner being non electrically conductive is you do not need to remove the battery, if you do though, dunk it in the contact cleaner too (or use a microfibre cloth to clean the battery terminals and corresponding phone terminals.

Remove the battery cover and battery, see if you can wipe any water out at all, then place phone and battery in rice. The rice will absorb any water. There's no other way really to save it. But this usually works.

I agree, first flush with fresh water (distilled if you can get it). One of the BEST ways to displace water is with WD-40. The old mechanic's trick of spraying the inside of a distributor cap with WD-40 to remove moisture always worked. One then wipes off the excess, and allows to dry.

flush it with fresh water, soak it or what ever until the water runs clean and you need electronics alcohol, 95% and soak it in that. The alcohol will soak up the water and it will evaporate better. If there is any sparks inside your phone may be toast anyways.

I hope it wasn't on when it took a dive.

You'll need to open it up, remove the battery, then rinse it with fresh water, preferably distilled water. Then blow it out thoroughly with dry compressed air (cans can be bought at computer or electronics stores) and allow it and the battery to dry somewhere warm before re-assembling and attempting to power it up.

After all is said and done, it may or may not work.

Take the back off and the battery out. Do NOT turn it on. If you did turn it on it may still work when dried out. Wash it out with clean water to get ALL of the salt water out of it. Salt water will corrode the insides. Plain water is much slower at corrosion unless it is contaminated. Shake all of the clean water out of it you can. Dry it by one of several methods. Seal it in a jar of uncooked rice. Seal it in a jar with dissicant packs not loose dissacant. Leave it there about a week. Put it under a heat lamp and be very careful that it doesn't get warmer than about 130 deg's. I once dried out a hand held ham radio by setting it on top of my water heater and left it there about a week and it worked just fine later. Good luck.