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We are in Houston, TX if someone knows of a technician that can do this for me before Christmas that would be great.


He got legitimate, useful advice, but chose to turn it down.

not really tho, if you read the actual question How Can I make the Feber Dareway scooter faster? a bombardment of saftey and negitave comments are not what I personally would consider as useful advice, true they to highlight the areas of concern but in your responce alone you add nothing in they way of posivite feedback to wether it is even possible and what things to start with looking at. Thats just my personal opinion I just feel was all a bit harsh and not constructive

Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to know how to get his moped or electric scooter better or even faster than I assume the person knows the risks.
But if someone is registering here only to ask how modify a kids toy to be a danger to the kid then I go off a bit.
Reason is quite simple: Adults asking how to put their kids in danger need someone else to think for them ;)

But do they really need you to tell them that? are you the parental saftey advisor for the world? what right do you have to tell someone how and what to do with their children lol ANY parent would not put their children in harms way or at risk on purpose and I add this because I find you reply idiotic ( no offence intended just the word I would use for such a reply you have just made)

Logic points to the fact he is asking how for a reason, does it not?? This is a question and he is looking for advice to do this correctly or even if it is possible and not to but children at risk, hence not just doing it and not bothing to post or ask.

I can assume the children are big and old enought to ride one of these scooters ( which age ranges from 6plus recomendations if i remember ) and thats the thrill of going fast that adds to it.

As I stated there are many many things people are doing that "could" be considered dangerious to one person and not the other, thats your opinion doesnt make it correct. And as for putting them in danger thats not a fair comment as you know nothing about the situation, how old the children are and what the guy actually wants. If he wanted a scooter that was capable of 40mph or the just a bit more than the standard 4/5mph. i would agree with you but you havnt even asked.

Most of these scooter are limited to around 5mph depending on your model if that means you want to enquire about boosting it up a few mhp for fun its nothing whats the harm, and i say if you can do it safley good on you. Also consider there are mobility scooters for disabled & ealderly adults that are capable of 20mph.

End of the day, people do things that others cant comment on and you have no right to do so. A comment like it is possilbe but I would advie against this due to ............ is alot less provictive than

Sorry, but if you ask indirectly how to make your kid unsafe you also get an opinion at the end of the facts.

I personally dont believe in letting children under the ages of 14 play games like GTA but then the age restrivtion is still 18 so where do you draw the line Mr safty advisor for children everywhere?

"But do they really need you to tell them that?"

If you saw somebody in the real world preparing an act with a very high probability of seriously harming a child, would you shrug and walk away?

Nobody here can prevent the author modifying the toy, but at least some of us can rest with our consciences clear, should the expected actually happen.

It is always nice to see that people can have such strong opinions when it comes to feelings about safety and "freedom".

Consider this:
This is a website to make things, so asking these sorts of questions can be considered correct.
But a lot of kids are reading here too, which can take "easy advise" on such things into their own hands.

We had pretty much the same sort of useless discussions before, so all I say is that some people can only see the harm and danger once they burnt their skin deep enough - something that obviously never happened to you.
To quote your fun: It is exactly that type of fun that brings kids and teens on mini bikes and thumpsters in hospitals after running their "toys" into traffic, other kids or simply because they were unable to stop.

Let's go your way and assume I would have provided detailed info on how to make this scooter go fast.
If after the mod the first thing that happens would be an accident, would you still say that good advise was given?
Not to mention the possible legal consequences of such actions.
If all this would happen here in AU and the kids would suistain serious injuries I would pay for the rest of my life - something I assume would be pretty similar in the US if you use the right lawyers.

On top of all that you totally missed the content of my first and initial response.
My second response was full of the facts you missed and a result of the response coming from the thread starter.
This second answer was in that way as I had to assume the thread starter had no safety concerns and even less knowledge about basic electrics as otherwise the question would not have been necessary.
And no licesed electrician or technician would perform such works if he / she want to keep the license.

Think we will have to disagree on that massivly, your saying your answers are correct? I thought just before you comment it has a notice about positive and constructive comments:

We have a be nice comment policy.
Please be positive and constructive.

oh wait it does, How exactly were your comments positive and constructive? Ive read all you comment and not missed a thing, while I agree on the potential safety concerns, done right this could be as safe as the original if not more so if you upgrade the brakes and handling, that might be all it needs but out have not helped to the question you have gone in with negatives, it comes across a condersending, arrogent, rude and agressive lol not informative and full of facts like you state. comments like:

And if you want someone during the Xmas season to do not recommended
mods like that you might want to start seeking advise a few weeks
earlier and not at the last minute.

Ok, if you think that was a much smarter to define your problem, some facts:

Sorry, but if you ask indirectly how to make your kid unsafe you also get an opinion at the end of the facts

.............and freedom?!?! not sure where your going with that noone has mentioned freedom, the comments and my issue are about your wording to a member asking a simple question.

I would say the opposide to your comment. This is a site for making, creating and sharing your ideas with others. You realy think every child is going to read this and take appart their scooter to make it faster? you can quote ONE word "fun from my statement and monover it around doesnt make you right lol.

and as to your potential "law Suit" the terms and conditions of the site state you use all builts, insturctables at your own risk. Not to mention the Admins who patrol the site and will remove any materials with are not deemed safe. But as with anything on the internet you use it at your own risk,

And you dont have to be a licenced electircian you practice

....and I agree with his statement, he thanked you all for you input & he is right in his statement of looking for facts and not opinions. The statements you have made are your opinions of saftey conserns, not facts about the actual question.or relating to areas where improvements can actually be made to the scooter

Comment not helpful, but thanks. Looking for facts not opinions thanks.

How are these for facts?

If you tamper with the toy to make it faster, you endanger your child's life.

> Over-powering the motor can overheat the wiring and start a fire.

> Draining the battery too quickly can cause it to overheat and explode, spraying hot, toxic, corrosive chemicals over your child.

> Even if the battery or wiring just gets a bit hot, repeated heating of the structure around the battery or wires will cause damage and early failure, even under normal operating speeds.

> The casing of switches and controls only tolerates a certain temperature - an overheated switch can fail in the closed position, preventing your child stopping at all.

> The braking system is designed for a specific range of speeds - too fast, your child will not be able to stop before driving under a moving truck or off a cliff.

> Over-powering the motor, or over-stressing the brakes, will put stresses on the frame that are outside the design parameters, risking catastrophic, violent failure.

> In many countries, anything over 15mph is classed as a motor vehicle (or motor cycle, depending on the wheel arrangement), and may only legally be driven by a competent adult.

Ok, if you think that was a much smarter to define your problem, some facts:
The motor is not capable to produce more speed without loosing a lot of the little power it has.
The battery is not capable to provide the higher amps required if the motor would be able to provide more speed.
The regulator will be a tight match for motor power and battery and be able to handle the higher amps for more speed.
Since it is a toy and not a cummuter transport device like a Segway it will be designed in such a way that replacing the motor, battery and regulator with better types won't be possible without modifications to the frame and shell.
Oh, did I mention that the drive system won't be able to handle the extra stresses of more torque and speed?
Last but not least you might want your kid to be able to stop quickly from the higher speeds, which will be impossible with the weak break system it has.
So either replace the whole interior and match frame plus shell or accept the toy for what it is - a toy.
After all in it's original state you can blame the manufacturer is the thing fails, if your kid injures itself because the toy was unable to support the mods and higher speeds you only can blame yourself.

Sorry, but if you ask indirectly how to make your kid unsafe you also get an opinion at the end of the facts.

It is a toy and limited in the speed for a very good reason - you should not mess with it.
And if you want someone during the Xmas season to do not recommended mods like that you might want to start seeking advise a few weeks earlier and not at the last minute.
Leave the toys as they are and if you want something fast get a real Segway.