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I really like this boy...but I am too desperate to ask him out...that my friends say it is not a good idea...but will someone tell me how to ask him out...in a way that has been tested before???



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Just talk to him.

He will be as nervous and inexperienced as you, possibly more so. Panic may lead him to give the wrong answer (and "yes" may be wrong in the long term).

Just be aware that very few romances begun at your age last more than a few days or weeks, maybe even hoyrs, and it's ending, though painful, is a natural part of growing as a person.

Good answer! I agree completely. Just because an 11 year old wants to ask someone out doesn't mean it's as a status symbol or anything else shallow or fake, maybe they just like each other. So what if it only lasts a few weeks or days? Breaking up with someone is a life skill that should be learned at an early age (and being broken up with, and getting over it)! I'm a thirty something and I have had friends in unhappy relationships that won't break up with the other person because they 'don't want to hurt them' etc. Dating is a skill and should be learned in steps. Too many people wait till their older to date then their first or second relationship goes on for ages, not because they're both happy, but because they've no experience of anything else! I say go for it and let us know how you get on. :D

Where is your father at?

This may hit a little hard because I don't know your family situation. But this is something that should be addressed with your Father.

Your father has been a boy a lot longer than this 11 year old.
He should have been the first man in your life.
He should be taking you out and showing you how a Real Gentleman treats a lady.
He knows what drives and motives boys minds and will ensure that any relationship that you intend to have will remain appropriate.
And (I am taking the big assumption that you are female) he is going to ensure that no punk @$$ little boy is going to do things to you that will hurt you.

Your living in a Generation being raised by Moms because the Father has not taken an active role in the family.

Having a boyfriend should never be a status symbol.
Having a boyfriend should never replace something missing in your life, especially a father.
And last of all YOU should NEVER base your self worth on the opinion of any Man.

...or maybe the author's father is dead? Or the author could be, like the majority of children at that age, simply too shy or hormonally rebellious to talk about sensitive subjects, preferring the safety of online anonymity.

You make too many assumptions from an information-free question, and presume to impose your own values on a complete stranger without knowing their nationality, religion or cultural background.

Perhaps the author comes from a situation where contact with boys is frowned upon, even vigorously punished?

Why whats wrong with guns?

Who said there was anything wrong with guns?

I thought the first minute thirty explained everything.

If its not appropriate i apologize and i apologize for promoting my beliefs on anyone or if i offended anyones.

Ahhhh 11 that was only 3 yrs ago for me. I have only one thing to say. he wants to talk to you just as much he is 11! he'll flirt with any girl.

trust ur self if you feel that u really like him go 4 it and well if he regect u than he wasnt worth it!

If the boy is eleven then it's safe to assume you are around the same age as him. In which case the answer would be, don't bother. There is no point in trying to start dating at such a young age. Chances are you will break up with him in a matter of days or weeks so what's the point? Don't use dating as some sort of status symbol. Dating shouldn't be about status. It should be about getting to know someone better and finding that one person you want to be with for the rest of your life.

Here is what you should do. Start hanging around him a bit. Listen to what him and his friends are talking about. Try to join the conversation. Get to know him better and become friends with him first. Then if there is a mutual attraction the relationship will grow on it's own. Then buy the time you both are around 15 or 16 you can start going on dates allowing you both some one on one time.