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we used to have a Haminex loadmatic 110E and then upgraded to a 35mm camera and have thousands of photos and negatives. Would like to be able to transfer them to the PC. What device do we need to do this, because we have little money we need something of good value for cheap.we have a
DELLphoto924 is this useful or not ? thank you mulga and mary



I would think the best way to do it is by scanning the negatives.

There are some companies that will take your negative strips and scan them to disk in high resolution from you.

A quick Google on "Negative Scanning Services" hit gold on the first page.

In the UK, one service I saw offered 1000 scans at 15p each, or around 20c each.

If you cost your own time and resources to do this, one time, process, I think its probably a better idea to employ someone with the right kit.


thousands and little money...
It's a time-consuming job with a flatbed-scanner and a negative-adapter.
That's your best little money option I think.


The Dell Photo 924 will scan your photos into your PC, it just won't do it quickly. The lack of a document feeder for the scanner portion of the device means that you wil have to place your photos onto the scanner one at a time. That said, it will do the job, if you have the time to do it.
To scan negatives or slides, you need a tranparency adapter for the scanner (aka a Transparent Materials Adapter or TMA). I don't know off the top of my head whether you can get a TMA that fits a 924 or not. I doubt it. You might have to pay someone to have your negatives scanned.


8 years ago

If you're just talking about getting your photos onto your PC, just get yourself a flatbed scanner. I have seen some for less than $50 U.S. and you can get a pretty good photo scanner for less than $100.
You scan the photos, it digitizes them and stores them in various selectable formats on your PC. You can then burn them to a CD or print them out on a photo quality printer, or just leave them on your PC until you decide to do something with them.