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This is a 3" cabinet pull.

It caught my eye as a super steam punk component.
Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage.

Anyway how is it made ?
That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads,
solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated
This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.



Best Answer 5 years ago


Like this.

Thank you.
Seeing is believing.

That reverse twist was fantastic in understanding the action.

Very cool machine, that's for sure! It's the forward then reverse while crushing inwards to push the spirals out into a cage.

As for the welding - almost any weld would do so long as you ground it down afterward...

The one you pictured has been tumble polished and chemically treated to hide any sins in the forge.

That's just pretty to watch.


5 years ago

Bundle 6 malleable steel wires and forge weld each end, leaving the center portion unwelded. Give the entire piece a twist while under compression, then magnetize it.

I never envisioned the six steel wires that makes a great lot of sense !

Forge welding must be extremely well developed to leave
no visible marks and those clean separated joiners.
Also no visible marks on that 90° bend

BTW by being magnetic, I  meant  permeable, it was an
iron drawer pull and a magnet will stick to it.

Forge welding is an incredible thing. You heat up the two pieces you want to weld until they are non-magnetic (a magnet won't stick) and you apply flux to both surfaces just as you would apply flux when soldering. Hammer the two surfaces together and they become one piece of metal.