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well...I have used a washer pump and the washer nozzles off an old car once. You have to wait until the car warms up and inject the kerosene or diesel into the exhast into the catalytic converter... Ran it that way for years with no problems. Makes a nice HUGE white smoke screen.

My friend used the same kind of windshield washer tank and pump back in the 70s. he filled the tank with WD40 and ran the hose into the top of the carb so that the light oil burned in the cylinders along with the gas. Stopped a state cop that was chasing him dead in his tracks. The officer never got close enough to see the license plate. But that was way before the police had in-car cameras.
The stuff we used in the Army was called "fog oil". In training we had to knock off our smoke screen early because we shut down I-80 outside if Harrisburg, PA for over an hour from wind drift. Very effective.

Do you know if there's a way to make the smoke black? Or at least a dark grey? Because I've done this with coolant and it makes a huge cloud of white smoke, which I think is awesome, but everyone else just thinks I blew a head. It's pretty embarrassing cuz it makes it seem like there's something wrong with my almost brand new engine. Any ideas? Thanks.


6 years ago

Weld a threaded bung just AFTER the catalytic converter. Get a brass nozzle that threads in to the bung and run hose/line up to a container. The line can be a mix of fuel line and metal brake lines. Use a washer pump wired to a relay and the wire the relay to a positive pressure switch. Fill the tank with straight castor oil or a mix of castor oil and/or diesel, waste motor oil, etc.

The petrol oils will cause more of a burning air smoke. The Castor oil will be a thick white smoke.

If you want to smoke and do good for your car then rig it up so that Marine SeaFoam is mixed with your fuel at about 50/50 on the inline. It you have a FI it will clean your injectors like a pro and if you have a carb then it will clean it out almost like a rebuild.

Note those are for use on cars.

If you need this for a motorbike then put the bung either as close to one cylinder head as you can. That will be the hottest point. Or if you want more even smoke then put it where your pipes converge.

Note doing this maybe illegal This is for educational purposes only.

I have heard of using this method with oil, kerosine, diesel, or coolant. Would any of these be safe to use? Or would they leave a residue and damage my exhaust and muffler over time? Which one would be the least harmful to my vehicle?

The safest one I know of is Castor oil http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-castor-oil/ID=prod5935059-product

If you wish to take a chance with other stuff that if your choice and I believe the military uses a diesel or kerosene spray.

None of theses, except the Seafoam smoker, are good for the system. None that I know of are legal either so this is all theory and should never actually be used.

As for residue in your exhaust, why should you care? Any residue might help the system last longer unless you're useing a fiberglass muffler and then it might clog it up over a period of time, like trying to use it everyday.

Would this work with a speed bike, like a Kawazaki Ninja?

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate or condone the use of this advice to break any Federal, State, County, or local ordinances, Regulations, or Laws. This is purely an academic exercise. That being said, you could do what the Radio Controlled Model Aircraft hobbyists do, and inject kerosene into the exaust to create white smoke for tracking of models during manoeuvers. Real Stunt pilots use a similar system for the same purpose. Remember, if you do try to modify the exaust system in a car, inject the kerosene AFTER the catalytic converter.


9 years ago

Get some carburetor jets and a windshield washer pump and reservoir. Mount it to your back bumper with a switch that you can access when the time arises. Fill reservoir with kerosene/gear oil mix. When a car is tailgating just flip the switch and the carburetor jets will disperse a fine mist on the offending cars windshield, but it will be suddle enough for them to not know from whence it came. If you want smoke just drip oil on your exhaust.

How about a quart of oil in your gas tank? How about looking for "smoke bomb" and "igniter" in the search bar? I think that 17 Mikes in your trunk would make a good sMikescreen-or sMikescream if you don't slow down first : )

Step 1: Release Caps Lock.

catch a koffing there are stage smokers that do exactly that but i dont think they do good enough work fo your needs