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HOW TO: reupholstering a wing back chair? Answered

I got a free wing back, claw and ball chair that had the bottom blown out of it. I can fix that. However, I would love to reupholster it since the fabric is a tacky vintage pattern and the previous owner must have had a cat because parts are in shreds. The fabric alone is expensive so I would like to reupholster it myself to not only save some money, but also tack on another odd job accomplishment. Any resources, books, websites, would be much appreciated.


1. If you can take a short course.

2. If not carefully remove the existing fabric preserve as much as possible for patterns and LOOK to see how it was fastened and shaped.

3. Examine the under frame, springing, stuffing etc. Fix or replace any problem areas.

4. use old cover as a pattern - If your not confident about doing it with the good material cover first in some cheaper plain material, a bed sheet or pillow ticking for example. then you will find out how to fit the parts.

5. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Thank you, i'm trying to find a class but one that fits with my schedule is a perpetual problem. Is there an order to work in? Meaning do I start with the sides or the back of the chair? I should be able to reverse-engineer how they put it together but having a general idea of construction always helps that process.


I agree. It's best to utilize what you have to make the pattern, and if it's shredded beyond use, make a pattern to work with out of muslin or other cheap material. It's also best to cut your fabric larger than you need, as it's easier to trim excess than it would be to try and work with a piece that's cut too small.

Also, I did some more searching and I found this guy who has a whole series on reupholstering a chair which can be adapted for a wing back. (I always forget the usefulness of you tube).

Yep i went to Youtube as a video is worth a thousand words Hope you have the start you need now.