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HOW do i CONVERT my guitar amp to a PORTABLE ipod speaker, using a ACCU battery? Answered

I really like to use my guitar amplifier to play my ipod or other music systems with. I want to use: Guitar amplifier Accu car battery But how do i do this? I've searched for instructables to do this, but i didnt find anything similar..


As Bigev said, you may sacrifice quality, but it should be fine as long as you're not a Hi-Fi Audiophile.

The Battery? YES. YOU CAN POWER A GUITAR AMP WITH A CAR BATTERY. Quite easily actually. The catch is that you have to take apart the amp and pull out the head board. Then you just splice the wires of the secondary side of the transformer and add in your 13.8V battery wires, (The transformer puts out between 12 and 14 volts) and that will go through the rectification circuitry, thus powering your amp with just as much power as the wall transformer would, only it's portable.

And Yes, I should know, Because I love portable music systems. I used a speaker connected to a car radio powered by a drill battery with a modded charger, and I soldered a stereo iPod input jack onto the car radio's motherboard right at the FM demodulator box where it feeds into the preamp. Even the 18V, 1.3Ah battery ran the radio at full volume for a good 45 minutes, without much distortion(45W radio), so your car battery will work beautifully. The other guys just have no experience, and are skeptics, and aren't sure what they're talking about.
Have Fun!

You could do this, but if you have an amp like me you would never want to take it out of your basement. The 12vdc car battery would need a converter to convert the power over to 120vac (Like in a house) then if you have a plug on the back for a secondary input that fits the I pod plug it in and your good. If not you can buy a plug that fits into the input for your guitar that fits an I pod (Usually made for headphone plug size change) but in doing this you get mono sound not stereo. This means that if you have a song where through headphones something sounds like its scrolling across, or plays in only one ear to begin with will either greater gradually louder (scrolling across) or play or not play at all (one ear only, depending on which side).


9 years ago

Well, from what I've seen, guitar amps are not all that portable.

Anyways, it could me done, but you will have to sacrifice quality. A guitar is a MONO input instrument while tour iPod is a STEREO input device. The guitar hooks up with a TRS connctor (Tip Ring Sleeve) The tip is the signal and the ring/sleeve(the long part behind the plastic ring near the tip part) is the ground. The TRS connector for your iPod is as follows: Tip = Left signal, Ring = right signal, Sleeve = ground. To convert it, you need a 1/8 in. (3.5mm) stereo to 1/4 in. (7mm) mono. The tip is carried through while the ring is grounded.

In essence, you lose the right signal, but yes it is possible. Just be sure to turn the volume WAY down on the iPod to avoid distortion.

As far as the ACCU battery, no. The battery is DC power (~12V) and the amp (most likely) runs on AC power (~110V US, ~240V Europe). It has both insufficient voltage and incorrect delivery method.