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HOW do you cut and then rewire the new led christmas lights? Answered

i bought a 35 light strand hoping to make 7ea , 5 light strands for a project but couln't rewire without burning up the leds ! ? is there some sort of current limiting device built into the strands ?  also notice they are wired with 3 wires for shunting as a are the old mini lights. no matter how i try to rewire these lights they burn out every time!!


can you put your connections on paper & show ? That would help more to understand your problem and do proper calculations.

They are wired in series and if you take lights out of the string they get too much power. You have to alter the power supply to reduce the power to an acceptable level.


they only have those 3 strands for PHYSICAL strength, at each led there are 2 wires that SKIP that led so the twist in the wire gives it strength rather than stressing the joints.

There is no conversion between 110v and the 3-4v needed for an led, they just put ALL of them in series so that each gets what it needs. If you put 1/4 as many leds then they each get 4x as much voltage. (not good)