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HP 1502 LCD monitor -goes light blue then quickly goes white- How do I fix it please Answered

HI,  My HP 1502 monitor has been going for a few weeks now. It would go to white when turned on but after turning it off and on a few times it would show the XP login screen.

This has now progressed to showing a very very washed out light blue then quickly to white.

I have looked at the capacitors and they seem okay as there are no 'big bulges' etc.  I attach an image to see the board, maybe you can see better than I.

Any other help please?


oz  :-)


.  If no one comes up with an answer, you may want to look for fora that concentrate on monitors or bad caps.

Thanks for that. It looks like a good forum.

I will buy all the caps I think, change them and see what happens.

I'll report back..



.  You owe me one Instructable on how to change the caps in an H-P 1502. ;)