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HP Laptop Keys Not Working? Answered

I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv7-6c27cl laptop and half of the keys on the keyboard don't work or are very unresponsive
                           Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
                                                     Thank You



5 years ago

The connecting cable might be coming loose. The keyboard is held in place with little tabs. (at least most of them are). Get a small screwdriver or even a kitchen knife and snap the keyboard out (Don't pry it up, push the tabs back with the screwdriver) and check the cable underneath. It is a ribbon cable that has a flat connector. Pull it out all the way and then plug it back in and make sure its all the way in. Then snap the keyboard back in place.

If this does not fix it then the board has probably gone bad. Find a replacement on e Bay.

+1. Hp's are notorious for the video cable coming loose in certain models. Maybe you're lucky and this will be an easy fix.

The laptop does NOT come apart easily. The main piece covering the keyboard and mouse pad is one piece and there are also no tabs on the keyboard to pop it out. I search a lot and haven't found anything on this particular laptop keyboard removal.
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Never mind. I figured out how to pop out the key board and the plug wasn't the problem. I am sending it back to receive a new one. Thank you for all the help everyone it was greatly appreciated!!

Try looking at the first link in this search.  If that's not enough check out some of the others.  It's really not that hard but there are a few surprises.

The are made hard to open on purpose, otherwise everyone would be taking theirs apart.

Good luck.

New or second hand?

Did they work when you bought it?

Have you or the previous owner spilled anything on it.