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(HP Mini 110 to HP Pavilion DV4) Upgrading small screen to lager one? Answered

Okay, so I have a HP Mini 110 (10.1 inch screen). Is there any way I can steal the larger screen from my broken HP Pavilion DV4 and use it on my Mini? I know that the screen would be obscenely large that is why I would build a whole new case for it. Basically, my question is would the Mini be able to power and support a larger screen?



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People keep asking questions like this and the answer is always the same:
The display isn't a plug-and-play monitor, the controller hardware is part of the machine. So you can't just swap the display and have it work.



Unless he really does want a lager one... then I'd recommend something made in Canada, they make some of the best beer. (At least it would be an upgrade.) LOL

Who mentioned lager?
I like to think that most of the best beers are brewed in the UK...


It was a joke... The question was "Upgrading small screen to lager one?"

hence the beer recommendation... oh nevermind... :)

Sorry, I read the body of the question and completely missed the word "lager" in big type at the top.
(I was partying last night, eyes dim etc...)


lol... no worries (wouldn't be the first time my humor was misunderstood). :P

First, I'm sorry that this had already been asked. I searched the Internet for a good while, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. (maybe I just didn't use the right keywords)

My second question is Can I seperate the screen from the body of the computer and have an "extension cord" between the body and the screen?

Thank you!

You could separate the screen, but it would need to do some tricky-soldering. I wouldn't want to try, but your hands may be steadier than mind.


That you could do -- it would be INCREDIBLY finnicky and complex (20-50 wires to solder) but it could be done. I would personally recommend against it.

Laptops are what they are, rather poor at being upgraded. Perhaps consider if the laptop has a video out port *(might need adapter) to just use a regular computer monitor as a cloned monitor or an expanded desktop.