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HP monitor going to sleep Answered

So I am trying to help my grandparents fix there computer, they have a dell pc ( don’t know what exactly ) and a hp 22cwa monitor. The monitor will stay on in tell I plug the hdmi in then it says no signal then goes to sleep mode, I have tried new mouse and keyboard on the computer, as well as using another cord on this monitor and pc but neither work. I did take the monitor to my pc and used the same cords and it instantly worked with both cords just fine. Before today this monitor has been working for almost 6 months with no problem and now is randomly doing thos


The pc turns on I opened it up fan goes on keyboard and mouse light up everything lights up but no signal to the monitor

It's always possible in dry winter months a static discharge (touching the monitor) ran through the signal line and damaged the PC driver IC

plug the hdmi cable after windows loged in then choose which one you want to use from your monitor settings or auto switch between them ,then restart to be sure if it work or not ,if not remove hdmi then log in and try the same again till your pc recognize the hdmi port