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HTML HOST? Answered

I have written a website using html , javascript , css , php and i want a service that allows me to host my code for free and create a website using it without making me use its own templates. Please I need help


You'll probably have to spend to get what you want.


Supporting more complicated websites, with server-side code that the server's owner has never seen before, takes a lot more effort. As a result, they will generally charge (or charge more) for that kind of service.

An alternative might be to set up a machine of your own as a server, depending on just how much traffic you expect to handle.

How did you pick up this question (from Christmas)?


I'd probably clicked on the "unanswered" section. I do try to go back occasionally and see if there's anything I can add to those. In most cases they're Unanswered simply because the querant didn't and won't pick a Best Answer, but occasionally a bit of clarification seems worthwhile anyway.

For free? Sorry, not really anyone who will give you free web hosting.

I am asking this because I saw some free web hosting servi ces that not allow you to import your html code but only edit your template

Ok,I wand to find a way to use the part of the server that for example blogger allow me to use but not create a blog but something completely different that has been written in flash or html or css.......

It's almost impossible to get free websites without a non-customizable top domain name (i.e it'll be yourname.hostingsite.com). If that's fine with you, your options include Google Sites (sites.google.com), among many other options. If you want *only* hosting, (no domain name,) you can always go with 000webhost.com. If you want a fully functional website accessible without just typing in its ip address, you're still going to have to buy domain name. (Be aware that there are some free top-level domain names, such as co.cc [go to www.co.cc to register.])