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HV1 - semi auto Answered

Hey, I new to the site. I would just like to say I was looking around, and enjoyed viewing everybody's creations. I've also been making K'new guns since I was pretty young, and I still enjoy making new creations to pop my friends with (lol). Anywho, this is one of my more recent guns. As you can see by the look and style of it I've always designed my guns around functionality rather than looks first (making the shape of another type of gun). I believe this makes my guns pretty unique. This one I made is a semi-auto, and the hopper holds up to 34 rounds (red rods). I am currently tweaking it to be fully-auto, but this is good for now.


I was thinking of making a vid for this - using it properly you can shoot pretty rapid with this...

Somthing awesome. Hows abouts a Gun that shoots ball machine balls? That would be cool.

As soon as I get Camera Batteries, lol. Just finished upgrading the Base too...

kind of looks like the turret on top of the warthog from halo 2. WE NEED TO MAKE A LIFESIZED VERSION OF THE WARTHOG WITH THIS.

lol I can only post if ive got instructions but i might be able to post from the hopper thing but do you need the little yellow cog? can you replace it with somethin?

Looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing the newer version(s).

thanks, it will be delayed a bit due to school and projects, etc. I will post it as soon as I have it figured out.

Sitting in the corner of my room. lol.
You will be happy to know that I have the pics, and I am currently writing the instructable.


gahhhh post it already gosh


hehe, I just check my email then go. Don't hate me for that.


10 years ago

www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them- www.instructables.com/community/WW2-Gunners-Attention-need-your-opinion-again- THESE TWO above are for WW2 enthusiasts especially, but veryone should be interested. www.instructables.com/community/Another-Knex-challenge-even-better-if-youre-a-/ STAR WARS fans or just Knex gunsmiths - this one too Visit and comment if you have the time please :)


10 years ago

I like - post it. I tried to make a v-hopper, couldnt do it. Very good acheivment, like the angle lock and shielding

Thanks, the hopper is my biggest breakthrough, Although it has a very minor flaw I managed to create a system that could hold alot of a large bullet size and still be strong as much as the ability not to jam. I am working on the hopper design and reverse engineering it to hold more (same size bullet - red rods). Even if I don't end up posting the instuctable for the gun, I definitely want to make one for this unique hopper system. The angle lock was achieved in a very similar fashion to a catapult's locking system, using gears. I added the shield because I use this weapon as a fixed gun for a 'trench warfare' type of battle. Works like a charm. ; ) Glad you like it!

Hmm interesting. I was just planning on making my own type of turret. I'm going for using a crank design so that I can just skip the the full auto. I actually had two in mind one for rods and then another one that used rubberbands and connectors although I was planning on making that portable. It looks like you have potential at making up some new designs but we'll just have to wait and see.

Well, been making K'nex guns since I was pretty young. I posted this one 'cuz I was preety proud of it - I did ALOT of research into how many different guns work, and started planning the schematics of mine before I built it. I'm glad you like it.

That's pretty cool. I might invite you to join my group. It's a huge collaboration team that works together using each one of their own skills in a gun to make it great. For example I'm great at making a gun work good and adding mechanisms. I'm not good at making the actual mechanisms and some other things but then there are also those who can make some awesome mechs but completly suck when it comes to looks or how to add it to a gun.

there are also those who can make some awesome mechs but completly suck when it comes to looks

= Oodalumps

Had to laugh at that one.