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Hack a brick? Answered

i use it to prop books on my window seal and hold pins n junk. help me hack this better


cut off a piece with 3 holes on it and make a trafficlight with it

Whatever format these images are in, they are too large. Can you save as smaller jpgs?


my first attempt at using any kind of photo upload on instructables. but as it turns out, i might actully know how to make em smaller, crazy right? give me a sec

Can’t seem to figure it out, my screen did eventfully down size the pictures however, sorry for the problem sir. If you'd be so kind to allow me to explain the pictures? There’s a red, old, brick standing at attention on a finely constructed, polished redwood desk, next to some gorges, well kept flowers. It’s a relatively slandered construction brick consisting of, brick, and five holes. Hope that helped!