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Hackers "fix" XP BSoD rootkit February 16th, 2010 Answered

An update released by Microsoft this month (MS10-015) broke XP machines that were infected with the TDL3 rootkit (also known as TDSS and Tidserv and many other names - more info here).

Full story  (Adrian Kingsley-Hughes) Blog


In other news, Linux users continue to remain operational a rootkit-free! :D

Unless you allow access to your computer,  like if you leave your home for any length of time ;-)   Even a locked, closed door, can be opened when one is resourceful enough  ;-) 

Heh. Not so much; it's password locked - unless you're a whiz with coldboot attacks, you're not gettin' nuthin'. :)

*chuckle* I have seen ways in, not overly complicated ways in, but it IS possible to make it nearly impossible.....however, the system isn't much good then.  OR you can encrypt the enitire HD....good luck with that.
No, I am not overly familiar with all the ways in, but a memory stick and one's own copy of the OS and a few other tools,  make for more pleasant experience, from what I have read breifly on the subject.

Actually encrypting the whole disk isn't that hard, I've even got the tools but am too lazy to get around to testing it since there's no real need...

It's not hard to find the tools to do cold boots, either. I had a stick necessarily configured to boot and dump the ram, but wound up getting distracted and never playing with it. :)

Not hard to "do" (encryption) but sometimes it can slow down processing a bit.

If you use a good encryption tool though, it doesn't matter whether you have MSe,  Linux, or OSx,  you can pretty much secure the HD.

Yeah, I'd like to get hold of one of those IRON key sticks, not for hacking purposes, but for quite the opposite, really.

Not for hacking purposes? You want to be a cracker? ;)

It would be for preventing being "cracked"  ;-)    Besides, most of my British friends already think I AM crackers   LOL 

You're not?!
I mean... of course you're not...

gMail is hackable. I've seen it done. There is no god.

S*** now I gotta make a complicated array of mail accounts and filters to bounce my mail around in a net....

Only if you've got enemies, that is.

encrypt, en encrypt, encrypt.