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Hacking/reprogramming a fijit friend Answered

Being one of the most popular toys last year, and its apparent abilities I can't believe that not a single person has hacked one of these things yet. I found a site where someone dissected it, but nothing further. Anyone out there with the knowledge or ability to do this?


Nice picks in the alien autopsy, I was able to look up the SST39VF040-70-4C-WHE IC it is reprogrammable but it is programming protected.

Well, since these things respond to "chirps", they must be made to follow commands endoded as high-pitched sounds. So if we can find docs on or reverse-engineer the protocol or what sounds equal what commands, it should be possible to create a simple tool to program or "script" a fijit. Any Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PC can be programmed with a free scripting language like Python to generate the right sounds, and display a list box with the available commands. You then can select a bunch of commands in the order you want, and the script would play the corresponding chirps through the PC speakers or whatever, which the fijit would "hear" and follow the commands. Make sense?

this item sold for around 15 dollars this holiday season. my little cousin got one and i was slightly fascinated by it.

ONE of the reasons may be that none have started to yet become "garage sale items" and the initial cost is a bit hard to swallow just to dissect it, etc. $54.99

If it was one of the most popular toys last year, I can't believe all those parents that actually bought it for their kid. My imaginary friends didn't cost a dime and they did so much more than that. That said, they had at a Maker Faire the display of the army of gutted out tickle-me-elmos which I think were hacked to connect to a master controller. I don't know if these small closed systems are much harder to hack because they are permanently burned into a chip and offer no option to expand or modify the code once they are written. No one hacks the programming on a digitally controlled toaster.

I can tell you how to make thermite, which you could then balance on the head and ignite.

It would make a popular video on YouTube...

They ain't friends, they're demons in disguise...


Must have been a real hit since i've never heard of it. I have 2 kids in that target age group and nether of them have heard of it.

What kind of hack are you looking for. The thing isn't all that different from a Furby. Like the Furby it will take time for any hacks to come out. Why destroy a perfectly good $50 child's toy that is still popular? Wait a few more months when the stores can't sell them anymore and they go on clearance. No point paying full price for someth9ing your going to destroy in the process of creating a hack. Often people will go threw several items before figuring out a good hack for it.