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Had yourself an 'ibling Christmas ? Answered

Inspired by an Instructable posted here, our Christmas dinner was a deep fried turkey,
accompanied by my own Potato puffballs and all the trimmings

Who else has used 'Ibles to help the season along ?




7 years ago

I made a few things as gifts, a crochet snowman, an ornament for my mom and a Christmas card but I didn't document any well enough to make an 'ible.

I made a couple of things, but nothing seasonal.


Anything could be seasonal if it was gift worthy :-)

Not really, e.g. home-built fan-heater.


Ok, well I guess I should have said "possibly could be..." :-)

I suppose a heater could be, it just didn't seem seasonal.


Warm your loved ones with a new Christmas Heater -- ring in the new year warmly ! LOL

Hmm, if I finish it I may use that line.


I made all of my family's gifts. One according to an instructable, one inspired by an instructable and the rest of my own invent.

I had some steampunks descend on alfreton. Which was much fun, was good to make some friendships better.

Juse reading the site to ease boredom.

It's nice to see the family, but conversation dried quickly, they don't watch TV I like, and the only web access I have is my Kindle - slow, no video, B&W...

I managed to go birding, but we did gofor a walk ON Derwentwater.

When I was younger, it was kind of nice seeing family as they were close (distance wise) and we could see the grandparents of both sides in one day.


7 years ago

In the spirit of DIY, we made a tree stand from an old stump, hollowed out and sealed up. Worked great. Thought it was a natural solution!

Tree Stand.JPGTree Standing.JPG

What a neat piece of work. Very nicely done. Did you de-bark it ?


Yes, it was a stump of swamp Cyprus, sitting in my brother-in-law's garage for several years, so that was easy.

Got bunch of that wood while living in SC for my brother-in-law who is a wood carver. He uses the pieces for mounts and carved figures. This was about the end of what he had left.

Nice, really looks brilliant!

No, not here, actually we decided to just grab Chinese food. I can see that becoming a family tradition, simplifies the day immensely.

Sadly, I never had a "Red Ryder" I did have one of these, when I was 13 my best friend used it to put me in the hospital for three days lol.

Oy, I had "use" of one for a very short period of time...and I set about plinking at things....when one of my shots (I hadn't known how good an aim I'd become) killed a chickadee, I gave it back. I was so upset that I had taken a life for nothing.

I didn't have any Christmas at all, but I made a flat Christmas tree (painted on an old table board with nails to hang toys on, going to post some pictures soon), and we are having an incredibly scientific New Year party tomorrow. With 4/20 being the girls quota we are used to at school, having 10/10 in one small space is a part of the party fun. With everyone been in this mad, crazy school, and three of us being either Physics or Chemistry undergraduates or me, it is surely going to be FUN...

No, not really. I would have if i was allowed to mess with charcoal and silicone caulking. Its been quite miserably boring here to tell the truth. Alas, when I can run my own Christmas' I will try to make them as awesome as possible.

I did, but in another way....I made my last ible over the holidays :-) An ornament to please any geek or geekess :-)