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Hair gel? cleaning products? What can you do with it? Answered

I have several jars of hair gel which I used once upon a time but I want to find other uses for it
. I did hear that you can make it into a paste for putting onto the surface of vinyl records and when it sets you peel it off and it removes fine dust without scratching. Any ideas would be appreciated.


By "gel" do you mean like BrilCreme ? or something along the line a "greaser" would have worn in the 50's ? If it is the type that dries like hair spray, it becomes a great little "thin lamenator". I used cheap hair spray (from cans) for years to "coat" wires and ect. to make my own "magnet wire". But it can be hard to get on thin wires evenly.

I'll bet you could use it as "dope" in a pinch, for stiffening paper constructions. "dope" loosely speaking. I think that dope actually causes shrinkage of rice and similar papers...

Its mainly methyl-cellulose - wallpaper paste.......

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I used to work in a factory making cheap hair products. The engineers in the factory used the hair gel as an efficient hand de-greaser.

huh. I didn't know that about hair gel.