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Hairs are growing ultra fast? Answered

i just had a haircut 3 week ago, and noticed that my hairs have grown atleast 1 inch long now. my nails also grow very fast, is this normal, or is there something that is going wrong?


Hair and nail growth tend to be related and are cyclic. Much depends on your age, Hormonal state, The weather/season and your general health.

Fast growth should be a sign of good health.

At 62 I have my hair (what ther is) cut every 8 weeks if I need it or not. However my ears!!!!

That reminds me that new recruits in the US Air Force are called "PINGS". Cause "ping" is the supersonic sound hair makes growing out when cut super short.

When I had hair (twenty years ago) I use to have a haircut every month. Now I just shave my head. It looks better than the thinning hair on top of my head. Remember: God made a few perfect heads and the rest he put hair on them.