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Halloween Contest Rules regarding previously published instructables? Answered

The official rules say:

4. Projects published prior to the Start Date are not eligible for entry. You may not register the same Instructables project in more than three (3) Instructables contests in total. Further information about entry can be found in Section B below.

However Ive seen a few entries that were published weeks ago.

Maybe the mods can explain what's up with this?


Seeing as previously published ibles are allowable, I would love to enter this:
for the Easy Costume section.
But it doesn't appear in the list of eligible Instructables when I click "Enter Yours Now!".
Other less appropriate ibles are in the list, just not the one I want.
Am I missing something in the criteria?

Halloween isn't usually a big deal here in Australia, but now we're able to compete in contests again I aim to be tricking and treating with the best of them.

Have you hit the "three contest" limit?

Hi Kiteman.
I don't think so.
It was in the mustache challenge, and it's entered as an illegal alien in the "make it stick" challenge. That's all as I recall.
Anyway, maybe I could spruce it up and do a proper step-by-step ible especially for Halloween. This one was a rushed job for the mustache challenge.

Just a thought... Could the system be automatically blocking photo instructables? I just checked and none of my photo ones are listed as eligible.
I also turned my reading glasses up to high and checked the official rules. Photo Instructables are OK.
I reckon it might be a bug. Do you know who to notify Kiteman?

,,,and Photos for those who just want to share their photos.

I think you can only enter your Photo ibles in the photo category. Good luck.

Hi Caitlinsdad,
Thanks. You might be right. The photo section is now accepting photos. It wasn't before - which might explain why there are no entries yet.
The easy costumes section still does not. But the rules definitely state that photos are OK.

Any of the folk on the "about" page would help, particularly Matthew/Stumpchunkman or Randy/Randofo.

Definitely worth brushing it up. Possibly a light trim as well ....

The Halloween contests have an early start date.
See number 4 in the first section of the rules - the start date is actually November 8th 2010

Deadline. The Contest begins at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT)/8AM GMT on November 8, 2010(the "Start Date"). Entries for the Contest must be received by Sponsor by 11:59 p.m. PT on November 7, 2011/7:59am GMT on November 8, 2011(the "Deadline").


Hallowe'en contests traditionally allow all appropriate projects published since the end of the previous contest.

You guys nailed it - I have nothing more to add besides independent confirmation.
Halloween is special, so it's open to all year's projects!