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Halloween Contest Submission Confusion Answered

I suspect that I am not the first person to contact you on this. As I read the instructions on Make, I didn't see that I had to post my videos on Instructables. To me, it appears that that was only one option, as was posting to the YouTube group. Are videos posted to the YouTube group exclusively (or the Flickr group) being considered? I posted them to the YouTube group in time.

For your reference, the videos that I posted are as follows:

MUTEX Labs (2008)
Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnGLCG9Nzg&fmt=18
Tech Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3kWN3FdK7Q&fmt=18

Monster Machine (2007)

Please help clarify the issue. We put a lot of work into our display with the notion of submitting to your cool contest!


The entries on the other sites are being considered. As a matter of fact, I've already watched all of your videos and think you did a great job on the shooting gallery. The list of finalists on Instructables only includes the Instructables entries. Due to the way that our system runs, that's all we can show here. Not shown, but still looked at, are the 700+ photos on Flickr, 170+ items on Etsy, and doezens of videos on YouTube.

Cool! Thanks for additional info. I'll step back from the ledge now. ;) Thanks for hosting such a cool contest!

Whew - THANK YOU for clarifying! A lot of use will breathe easier now. :-) We appreciate your response to our concerns.

Videos entered into Instructables contests do usually have to be embedded on the site - the video is hosted elsewhere (eg YouTube), but a bit of code lets you show it here (see the "video" button at the top of a comment box?).

Since you've brought this point up after the close of the 2008 contest, I'd hazard a guess that you're stuck. However, one year's contest usually allows entries posted any time after the previous year. Post the video now, and you can enter it in the 2009 contest, when the site will be even bigger and the prizes will be even cooler.

Maybe so, but I obviously hope that there is some consideration made for us that are not familiar with how Instructables contests work. I came across the contest via the Make Halloween Contest Page

On that page, the directions for entering are:

There are lots of ways to enter!
- Enter individual photos and videos through the diyhalloween08 DIY Halloween 08 Flickr group and YouTube group.
- Post your Instructables, photo slideshows, or videos on Instructables.

To me, it could have been made clearer with some editing (i.e. post to YouTube AND Instructables). It does look like others were confused as well.

Just hoping for some consideration.

. It does appear that there was some confusion, especially among those that aren't familiar with how Ibles works. I'm sure Robot will explain things better next time. . From what I can tell, everyone on staff does a great job, but, as with all us humans, sometimes things don't work out as planned. Please don't let this experience scare you away; contests usually go without a hitch.

It's really too bad. It was stated that there were three ways to join the contest: Flickr group, YouTube group or post your Instructable (in that order). I entered using two out of three methods (Flickr & Youtube), yet my project is not being considered. I agree with ThawedHead's comment...The instructions for entering were very clear, and now a lot of good projects missed out. It's hard to believe that there was no one at Instructables able to catch this mistake. By the way, this issue was brought up during the first day of the voting process in a Flickr thread on November 10th at http://www.flickr.com/groups/diyhalloween08/discuss/72157608811313482/

Check Fungus' comment - your entries are fine, my mistake.