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Halloween Costumes Answered

Halloween is coming! It may still be a little bit in the future, but a truly great costume requires some planning. To help you out with some ideas and techniques, here are some wonderful costume Instructables to check out.

Make something awesome, document it, and be sure to enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Realistic Werewolf Costume by missmonster
This costume won the grand prize in our Halloween contest and for good reason. It's a beautifully detailed costume that should scare any and all kids you see.

Be a Ghostbuster for Halloween! by Honus
Going as the Ghostbusters is one of the best group outfits out there (KISS would be good, too). Learn how to get your own gang of proton pack-wielding fighters of the paranormal going. Also check out other great costumes from Honus such as the Boba Fett costume, the MIB Costume, Han Solo and even making a great helmet out of cardboard.

Yip Yip Costume by sliny
Bring the Martian aliens from Sesame Street to life. Yip-yip-yip!

Six-armed Hindu goddess Kali Costume by nicemag
Become a multi-armed goddess with this detailed Instructable. Can be easily modified to help you get a spider outfit together as well.

Mystic Lord costume: horns, armor, silk painting + more (oh my) by houseofdarkly
Want to turn a favorite video games character into reality? Here's the lowdown on jumping into the deep end of cosplay.

Build your own steampunk chicken-walker mech by Bug
The idea here is pretty simple, but the effect is oh so satisfying. Convince people that you really are a mad scientist with this robotic costume.

Halloween LED Jellyfish Costume by T0BY
Attach some strings of LEDs and create a shimmery underwater world wherever you go.

How to make a pair of Angel Wings by marc_alain
You could make a pair of wings with fabric and wire, but why not go all out and use some real feathers for a better effect?

how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment by enlighted
Learn how to wire up your costume with EL wire and you'll be able to add a sweet finishing touch to any costume.

Iron Man Helmet by pmaggot
Let loose your inner Tony Stark with this custom Iron Man helmet.

How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor by msraynsford
Complete the Iron Man look with an arc reactor. If the Iron Man helmet is too big of a project, you can also try mraynsford's Iron Man Mask.


Ha ha love the wolf suit!! Last dress-up party I arrived as Ironman. I had bought a battery-driven led thing and attached it to my chest, and then I turn a cardboard box into a true replica of Ironman's mask :)

I saw the coolest costume a few years ago. Four guys created a four seat platform that looked like a roller coaster. Of course, they were all stuck together so it may have sucked for them but it looked awesome.

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Just wanted to post the friendly advice that you can find really cheap costumes and a great selection at http://www.fantasytoyland.com/costumes. There's also some good ideas for group and couples costumes - good site to check out. Happy haunting :)


8 years ago

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9 years ago

iam going out for holloween as the scout from tf2 :D

I was a TF2 scout last year!

I'm going as a LittleBigPlanet level this year _



BOINK.!!! do that to anyone whose big like Heavy Artillery man.!

NICE what a idea i bet you cant jump as high

i am planning to do so too! i want a instructable

i was going to be the pyro lol

and so and instructables u shall get ;p


9 years ago


I like making devices but costumes I am not very experienced at.

Same here - I am seriously considering going as "Waldo" from the hit children's book series this year.

Well, since I am at my advanced age and with no children, I wouldn't have a reason to make an actual costume unless I wanted to enter the contest.

I am still looking for the plans I had for a really REALLY realistic "floating spectre" (electronic device for the front door, that appears to be floating in midair and can be seen through. I am not sure I still have the schematics *sigh*

Can someone on Instructables post a cool Daft Punk costume? I'm trying to make a helmet but I'm not good at stuff like that. Maybe pmaggot could seeing as how good his Iron-Man helmet was. Whoever can make a cool Daft Punk helmet on Instructables will be considered a god!

Id look at the ironman helmet, and take some designing ideas from that then get a bunch of reference pics and build away

the arc reactor and the iron man helmet have the same link.

i cant wait for halloween i just look for the buckets left outside that say plz take one but you are really soppose to take it all before someone else!! haha

Wow, thank you so much!

Looks cool!

I'm gong to try to pull off Freakazoid.

it would be cool for people to put their ideas and costumes on the comments

Hmmm... I guess you're right, but uhh... look who's calling the kettle black. Any why, you do have a point and I'll respect that, when I look up zombie in the search bar it dosen't come up with any instrucables, some of those would be nice. And I know that there are zombie instrucables, but for some resone nothing comes up when I search for them.

Oh opps I spelled it wronge nevermind. :) Hmm, what about a reuseable brake-through wall, I know indy mogal has one but it takes a lot of work to reset. If you're doing a hounted house and have to reset the wall quickly, this could be useful, I'll look into trying to make one.

i was thinking a long the lines of electronic costumes like a light up light bulb or something just an idea