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Halloween Decor Contest! Answered

Hello everyone! 
Every year for the halloween contests we the staff have to draw some lines between props, costumes, and decor items.  This year we've decided to draw the lines similar to where actual theater companies draw their lines.  Believe it or not there is a prop union, costume union, and set union.  It helps to give us some firm definitions of what item goes into what contest!  
This year we are defining decor as: "Anything in a space that adds to the ambiance or feel of a space.  At the same time not an item being held by someone for the purpose of supporting their costume."  
Examples below with notes on each of them.  If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll answer you to the best of my ability!
Want to enter the decor contest?  Check it out here!


Would a thing that made noises like a cannon be decor?

As long as you don't hold it as part of your costume (that would be a prop) and you use it for decoration then yes, a cannon would be concidered decor.

I forgot to say, be sure to look at the entries in last year's contest. You can see all of the entries, the ones that made the finals, and the winners, in the contest archives. It might give you some ideas about how to write your Instructable, and what works best. (Sometimes it's a lot harder to explain how you made it than it is to make it.)

does it have to be a single piece of decor or can it be a larger setup

It doesn't have to be a single piece of decor. Entering a larger set up could give you more of a "Wow!" factor and increase your chances. But on the other hand, by entering the different elements of the project separately, you get multiple entries out of one project, which could also be to your advantage. Go with what works best for you, whatever makes your project look the best.

My opinion; it can be a larger set-up, because you'd be decorating a whole room or house.

Alternatively, individual items in your set-up could be entered as their own projects - the creepy bat silhouettes on the wall would go in the Decoration contest, and the groaning, moving gravestone in the corner would go in the Props contest.