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Halloween Draw and Sketch with Sketchbook Contest Prize Answered

Hi friends, I am Gangga, i am a contestant at one of Instructables contests. I won the contest as the first winner on the Halloween Draw and Sketch It by Sketchbook Contest, but until today i am still not receive the prize that instructables promised.


Can i have some clear informations, about when it will be send to me or any else information? Because it's almost 7 weeks and i still have no informations about it.
And i wondering, is it only me? or all the contestants feel the same thing ?

Thank you,

Gangga Saputra


Please see my reply (top comment) here.

Have you sent an email to service@instructables.com?

yes, yesterday i sent to service@instructables.com but i only received from automatic response .. and it doesn't answer anything :)

They're only human beings, but see the link that Mikeasaurus gave.