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Halloween Haiku Contest Answered

Submit a Halloween-themed haiku (5-7-5 pattern) for a chance to win a Pro-membership!

3 Prizes – One Year Pro-Memberships
Deadline: October 30th 11:59 (PST)

Just post your poetic entry as a comment below...

All four contestants received a One Year Pro subscription...thank you all for your contributions!
Happy Halloween: )



6 years ago

fancy store bought suits
still are not as good as one
cut up white sheet

Overflowing bag
A bounty of confections
No one likes raisins

Sticky, grabbing claws
Uncompromising demands
Children are monsters

My costume sucks
People aren't giving treats
Time for pranking

Coffins gape open,
Viscera drape the hallway,
Children want candy

Don't need the prize, just having fun.

Fall makes pumpkins roll
Gutted seeds oiled salted roasted
kitchen smelling of youth

Inner winds force to
our forefront, the inner selves
hidden in daily costume.