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Halloween Make-Along 2016 Answered

Welcome to the Instructables Halloween Make-Along 2016!  This is a new event we are trying out this year, as a fun way to get motivated and stay on track for all our ambitious Halloween projects.  Every week, from now until the end of October, there will be a different theme or discussion prompt to participate in, and we will be doing weekly drawings for people who post in this forum thread to win a Leatherman Skeletool!  At the end, we will be doing a drawing for everyone who participates for the chance to win a Cannon EOS Rebel Camera!  So jump on in, show us what you're making to to get ready for Halloween!

Week 1: September 19-25
Ideas, Inspiration, and Planning

What is your costume going to be?  What are you going to build/make?  What materials do you need to make it happen?  Post your preliminary sketches!

Week 2: September 26 - October 2
Measure Twice, Cut Once

Assemble materials and begin your creation.  What steps are you taking as the foundation of your project?

Week 3: October 3 - 9
Take notes!
Start your instructable and write what you do as you go along.  It will make it much easier to remember what you did later on when trying to finish writing up your Instructable!  Remember to post about your progress on this forum thread!

Week 4: October 10 - 16
Get by with a little help from our friends

In a jam?  Ask for help!  If your project is going smoothly, see if you can help out someone else.  Words of encouragement definitely count as help!

Week 5: October 17 - October 23
Home stretch  
Hopefully, we are almost done!  How’s your progress?  Are you on track?

Week 6: October 24 - October 31
Finishing frenzy and Final Touches

Hopefully you’re almost done with your project!  Or...you waited until the last minute to start.  It’s all good, we will get through this together!


FINALLY finished this 60+hr build! My most creative thus far and all hand crafted/painted. Check it out and hope you fellow builders dig it! https://www.instructables.com/id/Fishman-Alien-Cyborg-Costume/


Here is an Instructable dedicated to just to the headpiece portion of this year's Halloween costume: https://www.instructables.com/id/ALIEN-CYBORG-FISHMAN/

FINAL_DSC00719.jpgPhoto Oct 24, 10 29 44 PM.jpgPhoto Oct 25, 1 43 43 AM.jpgPhoto Oct 20, 4 05 10 PM.jpgPhoto Oct 26, 7 31 37 PM.jpg

1 year ago

here is the completed wolf (I will be making an ible as soon as I get time)..and for those that asked..us together (btw on a sidenote, we won best overall at a local bar (200$-not bad considering most of this costume was repurposed -i think overall actual cost was under 25$ for both costumes... With the largest expenditure being on teeth/claws to save time- these could have been made out of sculpey or some like material for a few dollars as opposed to 12$) tonight, and will be going to another contest on Halloween) I'll let you know how that went lol.


Both turned out absolutely fantastic! Well done! Congrats on the win, I can see why!

We did it! I hope everyone got their projects done in time for Halloween, and if not, there's always next year!

Congratulations to ModMischief for winning the raffle last week!

Also, remember, there's a week left to enter your projects in the Instructables Halloween contests! Once you have finished writing up your Instructables, go ahead and post them here! Show off!

Happy Halloween!

We're finally ready for the trick-or-treaters.


Wow! So much efforts in there. And the cute Big Bird shows up in between the Deads :D

The weekend is over...but there's still time before The Day! Anyone else spending one last evening on final touches?


1 year ago

oki.. Big bad wolf completed.. only thing left for red riding hood is the cape.. Ill make sure i post a pic of us together once we are dressed


Looks really good. Put a thin layer of vaseline on the nose to make it look wet and punish people who want to touch it while you wear it ..

because I didn't bake the sculpey for the nose it actually did retain a wet look. The biggest problems so far are 1) hubby wanting to use his 'claws' on everything (especially me) has made the sharpie marker wear off the tips of his claws 2) him not being used to pressure on his nose(despite the fact that the mask is amazingly light for its size) made me want to add some type of padding for the nose. Just a sidenote ,I tried on/wore this mask a LOT during its creation with zero discomfort. That being said, my hubby has a bigger nose, as well as being more in tune with physical discomfort. He said it didn't so much hurt as he wasn't used to any pressure on his nose- when I wore it I didn't feel pressure.

thanks so very much.. was my first time trying my hand at making a mask and i'm pretty happy with the results, but i appreciate hearing it from someone else, since i might be biased lol

it really does look so darn cute..I just want to cuddle him lol

The big bad wolf turns to be so cute ... =D

There must be joyful Halloween party for the whole family members ^^

Well, the mask is done.... but the bodysuit is barely covered. It is very slow going, as I can only do a small patch at a time in order to let the adhesive properly dry. I guess I could work on the shoes and clutch between sections of the bodysuit. I think if I had the mask to do again, I would not select one with a long nose again.


You glued the fake plants to your body suit? Why not sew them into the mesh?

Some of it is hand stitched into place. The thread gets easily tangled in the greens, especially the ferns, which is kind of frustrating.

Try wool, not a thread. If you spin it you can fit it through the mesh, if you untwist it you increase the surface and can glue it additionally.

That's going to be gorgeous! What kind of adhesive are you using?

That stuff sticks! I wonder if a fusible bonding web could work. I have never washed anything I've bonded that way but it is easy to use, and fast.

Humm, I didn't even think about Poison Ivy. It was just going to be a Mother Nature costume.

That is going to be amazing! Just as much as you have already, is impressive. The finished product is going to wow! It looks like it could be a theatrical quality costume!

Keep up the work!

Thanks! I plan on adding them to the bodysuit as well but am saving that till near the end so I don't break them.


1 year ago

started getting serious today lol. put together the feet and legs (wont be as slouchy on hubby) did the feet as like sleeves for his old boots(one pic is before adding highlights with paint the other is more finished , will still make claws black) so if he ever needs them he can reclaim them. also started skinning(furring?) the mask.


thanks, I've actually been having a lot of fun making it. I'm trying to properly photo document it all to be able to post an instructable on it.

Wow! This is a serious transformation. I hope you are not crawling to the party or it will be over as you enter the room (people will run away).

Welcome to week 6 of our Halloween Make-Along! The theme this week is finishing frenzy and final touches. Hopefully you're almost done, or you waited until the last minute to start, it's ok! We will get through this together!

Congratulations to jdoolin1001 for winning this week's drawing for the Leatherman Skeletool Multitool! I'll be doing the drawing for the camera next week!


Oh my! This is really great; I can't wait to get my Leatherman! Thanks to everyone on this site who has encouraged me and expressed interest in my wings project. It's on hold for now, but please look forward to my completion of it and the Instructable.

I am designing a pair of powered customizable articulating wings. The parameters I've set for them are as follows:

They must open and close with the push of a button.

They must be fairly simple to allow for repairs on the go.

They must be designed such that I can change the look of the wing (such as go from feathered to leathery wings) by changing the cover on the bones of the wings.

They must close enough so I can walk through most doorways.

They must be durable.

I would prefer to be able to sit down without removing them, but that's not necessary.

I will post pictures of my designs later since i don't have them on me right now, but I'm extremely excited to work on this project. It will be a true labor of love.

It has been a while since your last update on this project. I am very curious, (As I imagine much of the forum community is) as to the progress on your wings!

How is it going?

Unfortunately, I have essentially had to put this project on hold while I care for my mother . However, I am not done with it, though a Halloween deadline is definitely out. Please look forward to my eventual Instructable!

That's a lot to juggle! Good luck with your mom.

It is, but we all have our crosses. Thank you for your support and your well-wishes. I'll get back to this!

I understand. I hope all goes well.

Even if it does not happen by Halloween, it will be a fantastic Instructable for the future! Looking forward to it!

Thank you; your support will ensure that I DO finish these.

So, it is the end of week 3. I have greatly appreciated the interest and encouragement I have received from the members here. This post will be a series of pictures I took this week as I cut my pvc and began putting together the frame of my wings. I wish I could have done more this weekend; however, my mother has been unconscious and in the hospital for 2 days, not to get too personal. Needless to say, I have been otherwise preoccupied. So I may not finish these by Halloween, but I will finish them and post to this site. I will come back and actually add comments to these pictures for clarity, but for now, they will serve as a window into my work. Again, thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged me in this project.


Sorry to hear that. Hope your Mom will get well soon. It does't matter if you can't catch up the date. We will wait for it being published on instructables ^^

You should consider picking up strong servos to lift those heavy wing (if you are using leather). What about cotton stick on feather shape thin cardboard? ;)

Then I think you can simply put the servos with longer horns replacing the pulley. servo stick on static bone and the horn stick on moving blade :)