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Halloween Makeup Answered

Getting a gory effect can be the perfect addition to your Halloween costume. There's a big difference between looking kinda pale or sorta dead and people wondering what disastrous thing happened to your face! It's worth it for the way people do a double-take as they see you.

Check out this list for some inspiration and if you make something awesome this year be sure to document it and enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Realistic Wound FX by Pull and Twist
Get yourself all bloodied and gashed up as if you were just assaulted by a werewolf. Sure to creep lots of people out.

How to MAKE a Geico Caveman Costume by BeerBellyJoe
Devolve yourself with the help of some makeup and a fake beard.

How to Apply Elf Ears by jforbess
Elves are magical creatures and with just a few dollars you can pretend that you're one as well!

Realistic Vampire Bite by Pull and Twist
It's... the bite! Make your friends worry that you're about to turn into a vampire with the help of some well-placed bite marks.

As Realistic as Zombie Makeup Gets! by abandon your idols
The zombpocalypse is coming and you're either a flesh-eating zombie or you're just a container for braaaaaaiiiiins! Get on the winning side with some makeup and fake blood.

zombie makeup by zombiecore
So maybe the pale-faced zombie thing isn't scary enough for you. You want a face full of gore to show that your body is decomposing as we speak. This is the place for you.

Make teeth mold for Halloween Teeth by MastaAzumarek
Those cheap vampire teeth at the Halloween store keep falling out, right? Then make a mold of your own teeth to help get a custom set of incisors to die for.

Fake a Cut off Finger by loup226
It happens to the best of us. Just chop chop chopping some veggies and whoopsy-daisy there goes a digit! If you're jealous of the mangled hand look you can use these instructions to get it right.

BFX Build Plan Kano Metal Face Mask by indymogul
Modify a cheap mask into some metallic addition to your face. Turn into Kano or any o

Theater Effects: Gunshot Wounds by TrumpetNeel
If the gashes above are too subtle for you, you can go for a big gushing gunshot wound. Mmm, tasty.



9 years ago

I think I might be sick.... *starts pukin*

hmm, i don't know what to be for halloween

... any instructables on how to make 1 wheeled roller skates and mantaining balance in a giant cardboard robot?

does anyonethink 12 is too old to go trick or treating?

I went trick or treating until I was 18! I still dress up when I take the kids out. Alot of houses still give me candy just because I'm dressed up. Everyone have a fun, safe Halloween!

No way! Its my birthday, turning 25, I'll do it till I die! Expect me at your door! :P

Can I put enough makeup on to make my face look like a certain celebrity? Such as dick cheney? With a gun prop?

very good!!!!!!!

OH! Mine isn't done yet. Now it can't be in here. :( OH WELL! these are great I've already seen all of these though, teehee.