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CLOSED - Halloween Postcards 2016! Answered

I'm sorry, but we've had to put the order in and we are unable to take more requests for postcards.


It's that time of year!

We want to send you a Halloween postcard. In order to get one, all you need to do is fill in this form. That's it. 

Please fill out the form by Thursday, September 15th, 2016. 

Again, if you want the postcard, please fill out the form. Do not post a comment with your address or send me a PM. I need your information in the form to get you the postcard. Also, please fill it out as completely as you can. We are expecting thousands of responses and will not be checking for mistakes. If the postcard can't be mailed, it won't be.

Don't forget to use the FORM


Still haven't got mine :(

Waiting so badly for them...

I'm sorry, but if haven't received it, there is a good chance something went wrong in the mail.

I filled mine long ago and I did not get it yet... (And I'm international)

Cool! And I'm also waiting so badly for them.... Still did not get it....

They should have gone out a few weeks ago from the printers. They should hopefully be getting to everyone soon if not already.

Mine arrived today!

I'm glad to hear the international ones are finding their way :)


1 year ago

I'm very pleased to have received one. Thank you!

Are the postcards already sent? I received nothing yet

I haven't heard from the printer yet, but by the estimate they gave me originally, they should start mailing them in the next day or so, but there are over 3000, so it might take some time for them to get them all addressed up and sent out. We are shooting for them to get to everyone before Halloween :)

Hello filled the form long ago, Just wanted to know if this is an International giveaway :) Don't remember now

It was open to everyone. The printing company should have started sending them last week. It will probably take longer for international people to get theirs :)

What a coincidence!

In my school started today two Halloween related contests. And when coming back to home... your Halloween postcard arrived and the notifier I made worked too!

Thanks, Instructables (or Autodesk, I don't know well) team!


1 year ago

Thanks "ibles"! I love halloween card.

Besides sending a postcard, what other uses will the information you collect be used for by you and/or Instructables and/or Google???

Is there a privacy policy that is applied to the information you are collecting?

Nothing else. I am collecting via Google Form because it puts it in the exact format I need to pass on to the printing company that will be mailing out the postcards.

Color me cynical...... I have a hard time believing, given the value of personal information, that neither Autodesk nor Google are going to retain the information provided to use for some other purpose, besides mailing post cards.

Is there a privacy policy that specifically applies to the information gathered?

Thanks for the replies! I have nothing else to add to the conversation.

Color you wise & skeptical, it's a much more luminous hue and goes with everything we do in life. My feelings exactly. I always assume all information is kept to be sold now or sold later whether it's on the net, entering a contest, whatever. I've seen sites that are free for years with great policies suddenly sell all their info to Google or whoever without even a 'sorry'. It all goes to original intent.

I'm for making privacy policies actual permanent contracts that cannot by changed except by mutual agreement in writing. As it is now they can simply say 'we'll never sell your info unless we want to later, then we'll change our policy without your consent', it's ridiculous. In a nation that prides itself on 'the rule of law' we let these companies operate without having to keep their word.

I have been using the site for over ten years, joined just a few months after it started as a hobby run by a handful of friends from MIT, and frequently handed over my contact details to them, including, once, my bank details (Yay for the AiR programme!)

In that time, I have never had any spam, advertising or other unwanted communications that could be traced back to Instructables.

HQ (probably) don't, but Google do. That's how they know what ads to show you, and make money.

I've already entered my address once because I won in a contest, but I didn't here because I don't need a postcard. I prefer not to, when I don't need to do it...

We do not have a privacy policy for this because it is just something we do every year and we are collecting the information this way for the reason stated before. I would say our sites privacy policy is probably the closest to what goes with this form. We are not going to do anything with the information because it would be rude and be bad business to use your personal information for anything other than what we say.

That being said, if you don't want to give us the information via the form, that's fine. Plenty of people don't feel comfortable with it and if you don't, please don't do something you don't feel comfortable doing :)

I can confirm that HQ don't keep your details for future use - every time they've done postcards, and every time I've won a prize in a contest, I've had to give my address again.

Just use the information that you already have to send me a card. You've sent me cards in the past without me having to do all your work for you. Or don't. I don't care.

Thank you 'ibles! I always love getting my yearly halloween card. <3

What I should put on "State"?

In Spain there aren't states


Whatever similar regional division goes on your letters - here in the UK, I put my county.

I asked around and it sounds like if you don't have a state and live in a pretty big city you can probably leave it blank. Otherwise, put Province or County like Kiteman said.

Me too. I asked to our postal service and they said I should put my province.


En la sección "Estado/State" deberéis escribir vuestra provincia. ZIP es el código postal.

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Awesome. Thanks for updating everyone with what you found out :)

Filled that!!


Excited to get something from instructables for the first time!

The form is locked out. "You need permission." Probably something you need to do in order to make it public. Thanks.


"You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake. Learn more."

Google forms defaulted to having it restricted :P It's fixed now!