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Halloween Project Contest Winners Answered

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners of the October Halloween Project Contest!

First Prize
These three projects will win Make controller kits.
How to scratchbuild a Boba Fett costume- using cardboard! by Honus
Laser Vortex by mever
Pirate Cannon by Part Time Chef.com

Second Prize
These five projects will win Wild Planet ToysDigital Spy Cameras.
Bio hazard Beer Barrel by zieak
Jack-O-Laser of Doom by vatosupreme
Nazgul Mask for $15-20 by Drakz
Oscar the grouch costume by skiracer9x
T-rex Roof Topper by hirerob

Third Prize
These 10 projects will win one year magazine subscriptions to the authors' choice of Make (digital or print version), Craft (digital or print version), or ReadyMade.
Biohazard Halloween Candy by praguequest
Coke Can Birdman by adrian
Fun with UV by Tetranitrate
Godzilla/T-Rex Costume by creatrope
Han Solo 'En quesoed' en carbonite by GregDDC
Haunted Flicker Light Adapter by infinitiy
Operation - The Halloween Costume: TAKE 3 by NavySWO91
Remote Power Control For Battery Powered Devices by pronteon
Star Wars Cake (Mustafar) by CementTruck
Super quick last minute Squid costume by Tool Using Animal

Honorable Mention
There are enough patches so that each of the remaining projects entered will receive an Instructables patch!

Again, it was really tough judging so many awesome projects. My Halloween was great and it looks like you had a wonderful Halloween too.

Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the challenge, especially the winners of the September Project contest and Magnet Challenge who helped judge: arwen, canida, g0pher, ian, KoolKat, numberandom, pronteon (who wasn't allowed to vote for his own), rachel, trebuchet03, and vatosupreme (who wasn't allowed to vote for his own).

Original Halloween contest Instructions here.



11 years ago

Just got the controller kit yesterday and i must say its even nicer than i expected. Hoping to get a little time to cook up some homemade Christmas gifts to post if untangling Christmas lights dosen't kill me first. Thanks again!


11 years ago

Keep you lousy patch


11 years ago

Cool, waiting on the results were killing me all day long..... Thanks Judges!!


11 years ago

I had a pretty good day but this was the icing. Thanks!