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Halloween contest 2008 my items not showing up Answered

I signed up for the DYI Halloween contest through Etsy and flickr way back and my stuff is not showing up. What's the deal?


I emailed instructables and they said if they didn't meet the requirements they weren't selected for the contest. Whomever is checking my stuff to see if it is eligible. I thought trick or treat bags would be great seeing it was a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic but whatever. The rules are very confusing. thanks for all your reponses. My flickr is chigrl btw and my etsy is simplysavy.etsy.com

So those of us who entered through Flickr and/or YouTube but not through Instructables are indeed eligible and being considered? I'm confused...

OK, I found the discussion about this. I also checked out all the people who commented and verified that their entries are showing up in the group and will be considered for judging which is still going on.

I'm not sure how it works through etsy and flickr, but anything you wanted to enter to the contest had to be submitted through instructables. It seems you're too late now, though.

that makes no sense to me as the rules said to post on flickr and etsy and it would be judged accordingly. That's a bummer.

On flickr did you put them in the right group? Also, the rules say that if you tag etsy stuff with "HalloweenCon08" they could be in the Halloween Gift Guide. It doesn't say anything about being in the contest.

I put them in the right group. and I uploaded a video to You tube... also in the right group.

not according to the instructions. I am pretty frustrated and wish someone from Instructables would at least respond to the questions here in the forums or on the flickr forums. It's too late for me to have a fair shot now. Many people feel pretty left out.

I take that back...photos on flickr would be accounted for if you put them in the right group.

Hmmm, the entry rules may be a little gray and subject to interpretation if the 3 ways to enter listed are read with an implied "and also you must do the next step" or "or either any step". I hope the staff can clarify the fine print.

The Etsy step does get you into their separate random drawing contest with a new account though.

Etsy and Flickr? Was there documentation attached to it also, or just pictures?