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Halloween moving head prop? Answered

For Halloween, I'm planning on making a large stone angel statue, and I'd love to have the head move back and forth.
Thing is, I need to be able to control when the head moves, not just have it swinging back and forth randomly.
Any ideas on how to do this? Any feedback is appreciated.
Thanks so much.


Could you build the angel facade on top of a second-hand rotating floor fan? If you took the fan blades out it might be as simple as plugging it in (via an extension cord) whenever someone walks by?

saw this and couldn't think of anything other than this thread.

what do you mean by being able to control when the head moves?
do you mean for you to be able to move specifically when and how you want to
move it? or do you mean have some environmental trigger cause the motion?

for the first, a servo and a remote controll would let you move it whenever you want.

for the second, a servo and some form of environmental sensor (like a pressure switch or light curtain etc..) would make it move when someone walks next to it.

it's not going to be a weeping angel is it? dont' want to accidentally have a real one of those running around

Definitely going to be a weeping angel haha.
I wanted to be able to press a button and have it's head turn, so that it'll (she'll?) be looking in one direction when they walk up the pathway, then when they turn around, it'll have turned it's head towards them at the door.

I don't think this constitutes as an image of a Weeping Angel, so I won't have to worry about it becoming a Weeping Angel. Hopefully.

i would go with some kind of environmental trigger then. unless you really just want to be sitting in the corner driving this thing the whole time ... which could get fun if you got realy complicated...make the arms move too...like the real weeping angels... so, normally the hands would be up over the face, someone walks by and the arms drop and the head turns.

to make it all from scratch you'd have to come up with actual control circuitry, which shouldn't be too hard, but, might be more effort than needed?

i would try to find some kind of item that already does the basic motion that i'm looking for (for a cheap price) and adapt it for the task of moving the angel's head.

hmmm, if you make your angel based off of the image of an angel (like the ones on wikipedia...didn't look at their eyes in the picture did you?), then it would be the image of an image of an angel.....don't look in it's eyes while you make it.

I was thinking about looking for some kind of second hand remote control car, and using that so I can make sure no one's looking when I turn the head or something. I really don't want to spend too much money, so if I can't find anything I'm not going to bother building one. Way out of my experience zone, anyway. If my artistic skills are up to par, it should be creepy enough just standing there.

I'll make sure it's wearing sunglasses. (;

seems reasonable..just make sure whatever you use has enough torque to turn the head reliably.