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Halloweenibles: Modded Robot Picture Decorations Answered

Modded Robot Picture Decoration: Now presenting "Pumpkinstien" Ok per Canida and our conversations in the "How to Enter the Halloween Contest" comments I am braving the first steps with my quick down and dirty "Modded Robot Picture Decoration" Let me know and mark your comments with a "Love It" or" Hate It" No hard feelings if you don't like it so don't be afraid to speak your mind. It you have a Modded Robot Picture post it, perhaps they will have a"Worst" and "Best" category as well? Have fun with your "Halloweenibles" Mr. Rig It


Here's my pumpkin robot:

Robot pumpkin.jpg

Here's my original one. I'll have to try another now that I have the bigger robot to use as a base, cause the compression on this is absolutely terrible (eventhough it looks really cute in my photoshop version)

C:\Documents and Settings\Heather\My Documents\My Pictures\robothalloween copy.png

Nicely done. In the Instructables style.