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Halo 1 knex magnum (posted) Answered

This is my first replica of a gun. it really does look like the real thing. i choose the halo 1 magnum because its a nice clean gun to replicate. not that bad for my first replica, is it?


12 round magazine like the real thing.
true trigger.
comfy handle.
good power.
looks realistic


it might jam. (occasionally)
trigger needs broken green rod or y connector. (optional, but it makes the gun work smoother)


Darn im going to be Salinas CA (USA) on that day


Yeah lol i know i live 30 minutes east of there. Ive been there no ipod touch internet whats so ever

No um that would be in the news in my area because its so close so no thats no happening.

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looks cool.
already finished with the other one?

well the trigger is quite a problem, so it might be up today or tommoro

 i agree with dj but also....... OMG POST 

LOok SWeet NIce JoB!!

Build this in metallics lol.

i could, ive got alot of them, it would look better

Build a metallics version when you post the instructions.  Take pictures of it as you construct it.

thatd be a good idea, but i only have like 5 metalic orange connectors

good job! And good for takin' the tip for posting it at that time!

thanks! glad you liked it!

i WILL build it when it comes out :)

thanks! hope it works great!

Say that when i start building it! not now!

lol, gtg getting tierd lol!

Ooooh... look futuristic and awesome! I'll mot probably build it tomorrow.

5* and faved!

thanks! glad you liked it! im posting instructions on the 24th!