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Halo 3 Matchmaking help? Answered

Every time I try to do basic training on Halo 3, the game will find me a match, and people to play with, load to game and map, then kick me out, without a message, or lag. If it means anything I never did basic training before I "finished the fight" on normal I am an apprentince grade 2 So is it just because I beat the game, or because of something else?


that's strange the only other thing I can think of pacman35503 is that somebody gave you a bad player review and xbox realized that after they already found players for you and then kicked you out. (If someone gives you a bad player review matchmaking makes it so that you never play or play with the person that gave you the bad review.) But that's ridiculous- the odds of that happening on every matchmaking round is phenomenal. Did you try what i mentioned first? And if it was your account did you contact Bungie to report the problem?

are you an "officer" if you are, you already did do basic. and if you aren't i'd suggest recovering your gamertag on a friends xbox and trying it there if it still doesn't work then your account's messed up and if it does work then your xbox or your internet connection is messed up.

yes iam having the same problem!!! its so damn frustrating. My wife and I play together on Halo 3 just like above it finds a match loads game and map and when it finishes loading we get kicked to matchmaking menu without a note or error message or lag.... just nothin we've tried every different game style ranked, social, even Double EXP. Please help my wife is freaking out man!!! :)