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Halo K'NEX M7 Caseless SMG Model Answered

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This is a K'NEX model (just a model, not a gun) of the M7 Caseless Submachine Gun from Halo, better known as the SMG. It has twin notch sights, rear and fore stock, and a solid barrel. The stock is extended, the way I made it, but I'm thinking about making it collapsible. It should be fairly easy to put in a firing mechanism, but I don't plan on doing that right now. I don't think I'm gonna post instructions because I would have to take it apart. If anyone can dissect it in their minds, go ahead and make an Instructable, but make it a collaboration with me.

M7 Caseless SMG on Halopedia.org
High-Res M7 Caseless SMG


Dueling those in Halo 3 used to be sooo good because no one realized how powerful they were. Now everyone knows and they'll just get you with the BR.

You mean "dualing"?

The SMG is only good for close range, it's just too inaccurate for long range (there's a reason they call it the "bullet hose"). The Battle Rifle has been the standard workhorse for pros, it's powerful and accurate. I'd rather be caught in a close range battle with a BR than a Sniper vs. Sniper with two M7s.

i prefer the shotgun coupled with the Battle Rifle because that way i have medium and short range covered

hahaha i was playing hard on halo 2 and i owned an elite with the battle rifle by bursting him with six shots and meleeing him once

 u should try to make a better stock... not to offend  u or anything

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Please do not necro-post.

woohoo i am nearly done i am about half finsihed and i MIGHt post the instructions

Did you know there's a nerf gun that looks like the SMG RIFLE. allyou need to do is paint it. check it out.


Yeah, they feel really good in your hands. You can actually use the scope on the BR55 too.

Check this out.

i didnt realize that you were aeshir, because you dont have the cactus anymore!

Yeah, I've used the Mexican Fuzzy in every site I use for over almost 2 years probably.


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Now all you have to do is make it work ;)

Naw, K'NEX guns never shoot more than five feet. I'm currently working on a Halo 3 BR55HB (Heavy Barrel Battle Rifle, longer barrel than the Halo 2 Battle Rifle).

My guns shoot waaaayyyy more than 5 feet .+P

Except for the deconstructer round! +P

looks ok...