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Halo PC modding: trial and error Answered

ive been trying to make ghost variants (like the r-warthog and normal warthog) and have repeatedly failed. any tips?




7 years ago

you want flying hogs??? or what specifics do you want??? i can help you out.
i am best modder on halo trial Beast145 is my name and i have an epic mod clan filled with tons of epic mods all u gotta do to join is name ur guy _____145 and go to 145clan.webs.com and sign up as a member and then u can browse through or request mods. or ask me anything u want to know.

I was meaning like how there is just the ghost? was thinking kinda like a heavy ghost and a scout Ghost, havy firingwraith rounds in a straight line, and scout being the normal unmodded on

if you want the wraith cannon to shoot straight then go to Projectiles and change the Wraith Shot to not have any Weight/Arc (have it 0 instead of 1)