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Halogen Heater? Answered

I stay in the northern area of India and have been using different types of heaters for warming a room. The one i feel s the most effective is halogen heater since they don't dehydrate the room like the others, but commercial heaters are ... how should I put this ??? SISSY ... they have only 2 - 3 halogen tubes and they don't heat the room fast enough. I planning to make one with 6 tubes. Any inputs ? any things i need to be careful about ??



I actually find a convector heater more useful - No noise and the convection makes sure the heat is circulated. If there is going to be a draft it may as well be warm.

Fan heater is too noisy and directional, radiant heater too directional.

I prefer fan-heaters.


Yeah, how much power can your supply provide ? What voltage ?


over here we get a 240 Volts, fluctuations may bring it down to 220 but that s as low as it goes,..

I'd guess though that the heaters you buy are suited to your power supply. Here in the UK, a standard outlet willgive you around 3.1kW.

You'll have to check what your standard 2-3 tube units are rated at before you think of making.