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Hamster help? Answered

Ok, so I went to take my hamster out of his cage, after 3 days of rest. When I lifted him up, he turned his head. On his left eye was a big black thing covering his eye socket. I thought it was bedding, or food stuck in it. So, I take him to petsmart. They DO NOT WORK ON RODENTS. Are you kidding me, I bought him here. So we get home, and I take him out of his ball. I notice the black stuff is gone. It was his eye. Oh my god. It was so gross. What should I do after I clean it.


Well, dogs survive without an eye, and, sometimes with no eyes at all.

My hamster dies almost five months ago... :(

Eww, bump.

HEY! Not eww. What if you lost an eye. Eww! Kiteman has one eye. Eww!!! haha.

Ohhh, can I have the one he lost? *prepares mount to place it on*


9 years ago

poor little guy i wonder what would happen if my hamster lost an eye. T_T'

He's okay. He is fine with it right now.

His.... eye? Eww... Poor little guy :(

It's healing over nicely, not a huge hole. It looks just like dried skin now.

Take it to a qualified vet immediatley. I know this is old now. You still need to see one if you haven't already.

I have, he said to clean it with contact solution, then put neosporin on it. Luckily, my hamster's behavior has not changed.

The poor thing. I wonder what happened? I had a hamster MANY moons ago, and he lived to be a ripe old age of 4 years old. He eventually went blind (cataracts I think) and passed on. I had a really cool Habitrail tube complex for him that he just loved to explore, and move his nest from one place to another every week or so. Little rodents don't live very long; approximately 3 - 4 years for hamsters and mice, etc, 5-8 years for Cavies (guinea pigs).

Cool. My hamster moves place to place all the time. He had an outhouse for a while, after cleaned it out again, he used it as a home.