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Hand-Car Regatta and Exposition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders!! Answered

The Hand-Car Regatta blends art and science into one gigantic experience of moving parts, sounds and people. The Hand-Car Regatta supports art as an experience by taking art out of the gallery, into a public space and incorporating science, math and human ingenuity. This free, all day event includes live music, public art, kinetic sculpture and local food and drink. The Hand-Car Regatta takes place on the railroad tracks and around Depot Park in Santa Rosa’s historic Railroad Square. Please contact Dr. Erasmus P. Kitty from the link at www.handcarregatta.com September 28, 2008 Santa Rosa, Ca


This is happening again this year!! September 27th, 2009. Currently we still have about 7 spots still available for new race entries and we have openings for vendors and crafters. Check the website for more info and all the required participation forms.

We now have almost 20 teams who have built human-powered/rail-bound contraptions for the race!!

regatta poster.jpg

Thanks to some very amazing folks working on our website, we have a fabulous blog too.

If you're building a car, please let us know! We want all the builders and makers of contraptions to have a place in the race! handcar regatta entry forms

I just want to let folks know that Sponsorship opportunities will be closed after June 15. We will be printing our official brochures and posters at that date, so if anyone wants to sponsor the event, do so now. The rest of you can just show up or enter a cool contraption or be a crafter/maker/vendor/performer person. All the applications and entry forms are on the website. Please join us!!!

I can't make the event, being an ocean away, plus I probably have lessons to teach the next day.

However, have you considered linking with 'ibles to run a themed contest?

Most members won't be able to get there, let alone build a full-sized vehicle, but a steampunk vehicle contest would probably be very popular, especially if you allowed models (R/C, hobby-steam, OO-gauge etc), props and costumes as well.

There's no harm in asking Eric.

love this ... We are building a car ... yahooooooooooo!


10 years ago

Love the poster!

The Handcar Regatta invites Builders, Tinkerers and Artists to create and then race a Human Powered Rail Bound Vehicle for the adoring public.

Wow - Wacky Races and Wil E Coyote for real!