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Hand Made "Mummified Faeries" on Etsy! Answered

Isher Creations on Etsy has several hand made "mummified Faerie" displays available for sale. 
Several photos of each specimen are on the site.
These would make excellent displays for your dark art collection, Halloween Haunt, bookcase...wherever!  Each is in its own display case.
Check it out today!


that's not creepy at all

Nooooope. Not creepy...nope.

Weird bug and elf half breeds. The only good faerie is a dead faerie. I don't think I could keep that in my house...which is a compliment, it really evokes a gut reaction. Well done!

I foresee you selling out of product next Halloween...maybe this holiday season too. Best of luck.

Thanks! Zombie tree ornaments / rear view mirror ornaments are nearly done.