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Hand Wrench Shows Bad Puns Can Go Too Far Answered

It's a "hand" wrench. Get it? By Paul Julius Martus.

Thanks to Core77


It's a "hand" wrench. Get it?


All I can say is.. Huh?

Im sorry, I can never really understand any puns, lol :(

Plasmana,   think of puns this way: 

They are just another way to use the same word or a word sounding very close to the one used.

With hand,  one can "hand" you a  hand wrench,  that you could then learn to be "handy" with.   It just takes a little practice really (and use of a good dictionary ;-) 

See if you can get this one:

                  "You lie like a rug"

The visual pun is that a normal adjustable open-end wrench (which I think in the UK is called a spanner?), is operated by hand.  This wrench has had it's working end (the open hexagonal shape with adjustment screw) modified to look like a real hand.  Hence, a "hand" wrench.

I think I get it, its name is a "hand wrench" (yeah, they call em spammers here, but I still call them wrench, hehe) like other tools which has two (or more) names such as "power drill" and long-nosed pliers", am I right? :D

i think the pun is for when someone tells you to "hand tighten" a fitting which generally means to only tighten the fitting as much as y ou can without a wrench

You really "wrenched" that pun around  LOL ;-) 

alright, everyone together now


i can imagine you chuckling to yourself as you typed that.

Well, it does happen to be one of my more poorly constructed puns :-) 

 lol very unusual design wish they had those in my old shop

take that pipe wrench and use a monkey's head, with the jaws being the monkey's jaws LOL

Eww, lol man, that is just gross! :P

  Well, that is a literal interpretation of Monkey wrench, right?  :-) 
I once welded the handle of a small monkey wrench to the TOP of another small monkey wrench,  this gave it two handles, and made the job of twisting metal (in the blacksmith's shop I had at the time) so much easier.  :-)  You might call that one a two hand wrench :-) 

So, the real question is.... Where Can I Get One? NOW!!!

Calling a wrench a hand wrench might make sense, if you care to explain to me what exactly a non-hand wrench is. Can you put a motor on a wrench? Otherwise, it is redundant and misleading.

I saw a spanner with auto-closing jaws

You mean like the power drivers and air tools they use at motor shops? Because sure, you hold them in your hand, but only for control, the power comes from a working fluid or electric. Rather like an electric planer vs. a hand planer.

Huh... fancy that. I was always just a proponent of the "put a length of pipe on the end of a normal wrench" to get more power. This crazy world is so newfangled!

soapy got it in one, powered torque wrenches are the things also known as air guns when pneumatic which take the nuts off lorry and van tyres, they're completely unnecessary on cars though with the exception of racing and possily some very high performance cars. you also get petrol powered ones which have a 1 inch drive shaft and can be used as power packs aswell.

So now we know that Goodhart's name is actually Paul Julius Martus...

Sorry, Goodhart!

Um, you know better...have you forgotten already ? In just a few days, too ! LOL

pssst, I didn't post that today, I posted it a loooooong time ago, the dates are all messed up. One of my comments says I made it on June 3rd.

Yes, I now see the subtle difference between jun and jul LOL both have the coincidental date of the 2nd though, which threw me off.

No...that's the name of the artist...Goodhart is the King of Puns...ha ha...joking...I'll shut up now.


10 years ago

They look like adjustable back scratchers.


10 years ago

It's a "hand" wrench. Get it?

No... what's a hand wrench? I get that it's a wrench that looks like a hand, but I've never heard the phrase "hand wrench" before. Is that what you call universal hexagon rounders, aka adjustable spanners?

. Hand wrench is pretty generic - if it can fit in your hand, doesn't have a power source, and it's a wrench, then it's a hand wrench.

I hadn't. I call the "real" ones "adjustable spanners".

Yes, but then y'all have funny names for everything over there...before I read #2 son's instructable I had never heard of "wellies". :)

. A hand wrench is not necessarily adjustable - a (small) box end wrench is a hand wrench.


Reply 10 years ago

weell, it looks like an adjustable spanner...

(I don't want to make anyone mad... just for fun ;) )
That's a wrench!>>


Is this for long range butt-pinching?

or long range size estimation ( it was about THIS big )

Ok I now understand the hand wrench thing. IMO "Finger tight" would have been a good one too.

OK "finger tight" is officially 20 times as funny as the original pun... you wouldn't get a nut much more than finger tight with those tiny contact surfaces on an adjustable spannewrench anyway.. I'll stop picking holes now