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Handlebar Lawnmower Mechanism Answered

Hello Community, I would like to know if someone has any idea about how to design a mechanism that works like this one:By pressing a button, I should enable the rotation. Whitout pressing, it should be locked.
Thank you!!


I didn´t get your idea rick!

Thank you

You need to play with lego more :-)

Now I got it!!!! Thank you it is an awesome idea

I don't know if there is a technical name for this, but I can think of one way to solve it.

You would essentially want a fixed steel disc with two holes in it (one for each position), and a spring loaded pin attached to another steel disc which sits behind it. When you want to unlock it, you press it in, pushing the second disc back, and removing the pin from the hole in the first disc. This frees the first disc to rotate. When it rotates up, the spring pushes the pin into the second hole, locking it into position.

That said, are you sure this is the best solution? It would seem like this joint would be taking on a lot of force. For something like a lawnmower that is big and heavy and gets jostled around, you would really want the handle supported on both sides. What is going to happen is that the handle is going to get pushed in towards the unsupported side, and eventually the 'swivel pivot' joint will snap.

At the very least, you need to support both sides of the handle.

Thank you randofo, is a good idea, I will add more holes to have more fixed positions

Sorry for some reason cant post an image.