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Hanging a pulley from the ceiling using electrical Strut for the purpose of overhead lifting.? Answered

Hello out there, I am currently working on organizing my garage. Part of my organization project is to find a way to utilize the most available space possible. I am looking at hanging some items like a wheel barrow and a tow behind de-thatcher on the wall. My ceiling is 10ft high and I want to hang them as high up on the wall as possible. To help get the items up and down every time I need them, I plan on hanging block and tackles from the ceiling for each item. Unfortunenaly one of the items does not line up under a joist. To overcome this my plan is to hang a 20” pieces of shallow electrical strut (lagged in on each end to a joist) and then use a strut nut, 3/8 threaded eye bolt, and a strut washer(see picture for set up). Do you think that will hold? At MOST I would never lift anything heavier than 80lbs(and that would be a rarity). The average weight would be around 40lbs. For the items that do line up under a joist I was going to use a screw eye (I can’t access the top to through bolt it). The screw eyes I bought at the local hardware store have an SWL of 160lbs but say “not for overhead lifting”. Again using 80lbs as my max load, should I be worried about the “not for overhead lifting” label?


want to no how much something will hold? push it to the breaking point. with strut, you might want two support it from points 40 inches apart. just a test. if it doesn't break, it is probably strong enough for 20 inch centers.

You could also put a hook in 2 adjacent joists and use a bridle to share the load between them.

if safety is on the line, a 4x margin is generally required. What is the strut rated for


1 year ago

Screw the eyes at 15` in line with the joist.. This will give you a better hold.