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Happy Birthday GorillazMiko!!!! Answered

Happy B-day GorillazMiko!

Everyone!!!! (even though he already announced it...) it's GorillazMiko's Birthday!!!!! Congratulate him!!!

Even though I really don't know you and we have barely talked on Instructables......I had planned on making you a present.....but a sudden mesh of important events unfortunately didn't even let me start...

So......I have a birthday present for you, but it'll be ready when its ready......Its gonna be pretty rushed...but I hope to at least have it before wednesday....sorry....

should I spoil the suprise?


Whoops, I missed this topic.

Well, happy belated!

I'm only a couple of months behind.


10 years ago

I'm with caitlinsdad- +1!

Or should that be

It's C for "increase GorillazMiko's age by 1".. my brain was full of C at the time.

what's C?


My birthday isn't until tomorrow, unless you're in New York, or that side of the Earth, then it's in a couple of hours.

Well, look what today is. :-) Yayyyy, I got a Robot shirt on my step today. Well, in the UPS package of course...

I wasnt gonna be able to log on today so I posted it at night (here). Turns out I just logged on.

your birthday is the same as my best friend, she's turning 15, exactly a month older than me

well, I'm in the same timezone as new york, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY It's like 2 birthdays in 1 day!

+1 on your favorited day! :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope my paquage comes soon!

happybirthday gorillazmike!

nobody celebrated my birthday, though they don't know when it was...

happy b-day

instructable case modd.jpg

you really cant stop showing that ,huh? lol

i just spilled water on my keyboard and mouse

[**] <--its a present! OPEN IT ALREADY! Please? Fine I'll take it back. No more present for you. Alright, you can have it....[**]

Yay for birthdays! I love birthdays! Whos birthday is it again?