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Happy Birthday, Mr Laser, Happy Birthday ... to ... you Answered

OK, so it's hard to do an impression of Marylin Monroe in a topic title.

Today, is, according to google, the anniversary of the invention of the laser. First demonstrated in 1960, it was known as a solution looking for a problem - everybody agreed it was clever, but it took some time before it saw a practical use. Now, every single "western" home has at least a handful of lasers, ad they have seen duty everywhere from art to war, via medicine and astronomy.

Time to have a quick review of how this tricksie piece of hardware (especially the LED variety) has been treated by our members:

Laser-based projects.

Laser vortex from this Instructable

Google's laser results



10 years ago


I saw this on google this morning. It was really neat because I had no idea what the deal was with the google logo. I clicked it and it took me to the "first laser" page. It is really interesting.