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Happy Birthday instructables! Answered

Today, I suppose, is Instructables official 5th year anniversary! Shweet.


Go search Google for "the wayback machine" and search for Instructables.com to see what they looked like in their infancy - Instructables has come so far!


Hmmm... Today (29th) is the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...


Wow, very odd! I was the victim of Katrina BTW ^^

Possibly a hive mind?

(Do you think he was struck by lightning? It would explain a lot of his Instructables)

Haha! No... But on most summer nights (I think it is between 1AM to 4AM) you get some pretty spectacular lightning displays followed by rumbling booms. I miss that, I rarely ever see lightning strikes in England... :-(

You're living in the wrong area, then - move somewhere flatter.

Are you just the Superdome, or are you the whole southern half of Louisiana?

Nah, Im just another human being :-)

. I don't know about coincidence, but it sure is convenient. Similar to things that happen on December 7th (Pearl Harbor), September 11 (World Trade Center), my birthday, and other disasters.

Lol, aug 28 is my birthday!!!

I consider 2005-08-20 to be Instructables' birthday. That's the day we publicly launched the site at a conference.

Dang it, I was off by eight days. I will mark my calendar for next year.

Hey, you could have reminded us!

Whoa! I thought you were dead!! I was setting up a fund for Corvidae/Christy and everything!

Have you no faith? You just gotta believe...in muppets or clones, anyway.


I found this cake lying around in the internet...

...it doesn't by chance happen to be the robot's cake? 


It needs to watch it's weight anyways...

...I'll keep the cake for myself...

Instructables Robot.jpg

HQ is celebrating with Go Kart racing!

We need pictures, and slow-motion video of the crashes!

Scooch seems to agree with the date...

(I seem to remember somebody [Eric?] saying that the earliest projects were not "live", but were part of adding some starting content to the site. Don't forget, Instructables is their second attempt at a "how to" website - the first was mainly kite projects.)

WhoIs Instructables.com
Creation Date: 21-jun-2005

Someone's lying about their age. ;-)