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Happy Earth Day! Answered

Happy Earth Day everyone. As the Earth Days keep on coming on I see it as the one day where everyone pretends to care about green issues and then go back their regularly scheduled polluting or the day that reminds us that we still have work to do. I keep changing my mind about it. So what does Earth Day mean to you?


I burned Thomas Midgley in effigy today, made it out of old plastic bags, so it was "Green".

Only in special cases, usually my antagonists are summarily dispatched with a verbal bullet to the back of the head.

I see it as the one day where everyone pretends to care about green issues and then go back their regularly scheduled polluting

Well, this is a very convenient way to excuse yourself for doing nothing. If you insist that everyone else is also doing nothing, you can more easily convince yourself that you can justify your own inaction.

Personally, Earth Day is a celebration of all the ways I manage to reduce my footprint on the Earth, in which I am sometimes more successful than at other times.

It is also good to see all the lip service being given to various ideas of green living by entities who may not entirely mean what they say. I'm thinking of giant corporations who are now selling and making organics, less polluting devices, and the like. That they are bothering to do these things indicates that they feel pressure to spend money and time talking about it and even in some instances, doing something about it. This in turn suggests that market forces (i.e. all of us here on the ground who spend our money on stuff) may be establishing a demand for less damaging goods.

Sure, but often the steps needed are more than just buying things that have the green labels. Getting people beyond consumer environmentalism is a big step. As for the Earth Day for One Day thing, I have a local example. On Earth Day the carpool lane was jammed.The next day it was a trickle.

It would have been really neat if Discovery Communications launched Planet Green today.


10 years ago

There is pretty much no purpose for 'saving the earth' as the temperature of the earth has changed by one over a long period of time. And pollution in waters is no problem either, as we have natural water filters such as crabs, clams, oysters, etc. And as for running out of fossil fuels, thats all lies. When the flood happened in Noah's time, animals and plants were crushed in sedimentary rocks, and began to break down over time and form oil and coal. So chances are, there are still THOUSANDS of places around the earth to find these fossil fuels. So I see that Earth Day is a useless.

Even if so, they are not all reachable. And even if they were all reachable....there is a limited supply no matter how you look at it. The world is not expanding, nor creating oil; at least not at the rate we use it. Logic tells us one day, we will be done polluting and ravaging the gift of this small planet, or we will die, no matter what beliefs you hold.
How can one POSSIBLY believe in God, and the gift of life and this world we live on, and then say they will not suffer the consequences of mistreating the gift ?

Our school's environmental club had an earth day party after school that anyone could come to for free. It was fun, we ate and played frisbee and such.

When my mom was watching Oprah, I noticed that she had all kinds of environmental guests/products on. Everything she shows catches on over night, so half the world's population will probably be composting and recycling by tomorrow morning. =p


10 years ago

yay for the earth!