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Hard Drive Help! Answered

Well, I was rummaging through an old computer, and met up with Mr. Hard Drive, and his evil plot of frustration for all, Is there any way I can run the motor in the drive to spin the discs? I have included the wires running out of the drive.


The process is described here. If this does not answer your question, then let me know.

I kinda need it in lamence terms.. I dunt git meh lernanin fur them ther e-leck-tron-iks

If the old computer has a power supply, you can hook each corresponding colored wire up (red to red, black to black, etc.) as Nacho has mentioned. If it has no supply, they are easily found in old defunct computers etc. I have about 5 that I have rescued from computers going out the door where I work, as they were headed for the big computer pile in the city dump (this was quite a few years ago now, they don't do that anymore). Still, it shouldn't be something overly difficult to obtain.

I kinda just took the interesting pieces out of a computer that was free, and junked teh rest...

You want to power the HD but didn't take the power supply :-) *sigh*

This may be a gormless thought, but have you tried connecting a wall-wart or battery to see if anything actually twitches?

If all you're after is movement, start simple.

I only tried it with a 9V battery and got nothing.. But I will try it with an old charger or something of the like. It was kinda late last night, blank mind, and electronics rarely result in a break-through of any kind...

. Match the colors to the connector on a PSU. Probably only need just one of the colored wires plus a black, but I'm not sure. Won't hurt to hook the all up. The blacks are electrically the same, so don't worry about swapping them. . Since the cover has been removed, the drive will probably not work for long (seconds) before doing a catastrophic head crash.

I'm prolly being blunt headed but, What by PSU are you referring too?

. A computer power supply. There will be a bunch of connectors with the same number/color wires.